Akanksha Sinha

Admit Expert was a game-changer for me during the MBA application process. My consultant took the time to get to know me on a personal level and really understand my career aspirations. Although I had spoken to multiple consultants, Sivaranjani was the first person who motivated me to step into the application journey even though I did not have a GMAT score. She worked tirelessly with me to ensure that every aspect of my application was polished and professional. Thanks to her help, I was granted a GMAT waiver at each school I applied to. As an applicant who was granted a GMAT waiver by all schools that I applied to, I knew that my chances of being accepted to top-tier schools were lower than most. However, with Admit Expert’s expert guidance, I was able to craft an application that exceeded my expectations.

One of the most impressive aspects of Admit Expert’s services is their attention to detail. My consultant worked with me to fine-tune every aspect of my application, from my essays to my resume and beyond. In addition, she was always available to answer any questions I had and provide support and encouragement throughout the process, even during odd hours and weekends.

I was waitlisted at two of the top MBA programs, which was an incredible achievement in itself given the competitiveness of the programs. My consultant continued to provide guidance and support during the waiting period, and I am hopeful of receiving favorable results from both schools.

Overall, I enthusiastically recommend Admit Expert. With their expertise and guidance, one can achieve your dream of attending a top-tier business school, even with a GMAT waiver.