Disha Chhabra

Hi, my name is Disha Chhabra. I come from a consulting background and I have a work experience of almost four years. I enrolled with Admit Expert in September, and immediately after a couple of days, they proactively started working on my application and started to guide me throughout to build a story, how to write answers for schools, how minutely you need to take care of the details. I must have missed out of certain details, but my lead consultant and Admit Expert consultants would be very strict about how to answer the essays in a straightforward way while explaining everything. My journey with Admit Expert has been great. They were available around the clock. Never did I have to wait for the entire day for them to get back to me whenever I had questions. I took my GMAT in July 2022 and did not score well, and my GMAT score was pretty low with which I couldn’t have targeted the schools I wanted to go to. My consultant suggested the way out to apply for the GMAT waiver, considering the profile I had and the things that I have in hand which would make it possible for me to get through.

I got GMAT waivers from almost all the schools that I applied it to. And in fact, I got the admission also from a top college, Emory, with a scholarship of $72,000. I am honestly very grateful for the help that Admit Expert has provided, and I’ll forever be grateful for them for all the help that they had given. I strongly recommend Admit Expert to anybody who’s targeting the top colleges of the world and need guidance in their application process. Their dedication and their nurturing nature has helped me get through and achieve the goals that I envisioned for myself. So definitely try it out and they would never disappoint you.