Ninad Vats

I have a work experience of close to four and a half years in the field of information technology. I’ve worked for Infosys and Accenture in these four and a half years. After working for close to four and a half years, I decided that I wanted to pursue an MBA and I wanted to do an international MBA. So I wanted a real strong application, which is the backbone of every MBA admission process. Because this was a very important decision in my life, I wanted to seek professional help regarding this. I reached out to Admit Expert for the same. Admit Expert helped me with the process of choosing the schools that would be suited to my ambitions and my needs. My consultant, an IE alumnus, worked very closely with me on my application process through the entirety of this process. There was a brainstorming session at the very beginning of this process where all the stories and narratives were built on the basis of everything that I had achieved, or I had gone through in my professional and personal life. All the negative points were weeded out, the positive points were really worked upon. Once the school selection process was done, we went through the entire process of writing the essays and filling out the application forms. After having written the essays based on the brainstorming session, which made it really easy for me, I applied for Esade and Rotterdam School of Management first. My application was selected from both these schools, and I received an interview invite from both of them.

I was able to convert Rotterdam School of Management. And even in the interview process, I had a call with Admit Expert consultant, who briefed me about the whole interview process and how I should approach it, which was really helpful. And at the end, I was able to convert Rotterdam School of Management, and I’m looking forward to joining the school. Through the whole process, I felt that Admit Expert was really instrumental and helpful in this. There were a lot of points that I could not have personally come up with or the narratives that I could not have personally built. Even though I knew that these narratives existed, I could not have really bring them to the forefront. But having discussions with my consultant and the editing team at Admit Expert really helped me out with the whole process, and finally, I was able to land a college that I really wanted to get into. Therefore, I would really recommend all of you to give this a shot, and I hope you guys make it. If you do seek their help, I am sure you will.