Nishant Gaurav

I was unsure about my prospects for getting into top B schools with 13 years of experience in a technical profile. I was slightly worried that my profile would be considered too old. However, I decided to work with Admit Expert, and I am so glad that I did. I can proudly say that it couldn’t have been possible without them.

The entire process at Admit Expert from the time I signed up was structured and organized. I was assigned a consultant who was familiar with my target B schools application process. The consultant worked with me to develop a timeline for the application process and to identify the key steps that needed to be taken. She was available throughout the process and I could reach out with questions or concerns at any time. She was always responsive and helpful.

In the end, Admit Expert helped me to showcase my higher work experience as a strength. They helped me to articulate how my experience has given me a unique perspective on business and management. The team helped polish the essays very well such that they showcase my strengths and accomplishments.

Thanks to the help of Admit Expert, I was able to get into IIMC. I am thankful for their support and guidance throughout the application process. I would highly recommend Admit Expert to anyone who is unsure about overall process and who is looking to apply to IIMs or any other top business school.