Pratul Singhal

I have six years of work experience in the Oil and Energy sector, and my goal is to obtain an MBA from a premier institute. After achieving a score of 730 on the GMAT, my main focus is to complete my applications for my targeted B-Schools. Since I am not proficient in writing and framing essays, I decided to seek guidance from a consultant who could help me with the writing process and teach me how to approach essay writing. I spoke with several consultants, some of whom offered to write essays for me .When I first spoke with the consultants at Admit Expert, they understood my profile and told me that I had good chances in my targeted B-Schools. I realized that essays were an important part of the application process, but since I wasn’t proficient in writing and framing essays, I decided to seek their guidance.

Admit Expert provided me with an exhaustive list of behavioral questions, which helped me understand myself and the challenges I faced during my work experience better. These questions provided enough content for my applications. My lead consultant and I discussed the content and framed a draft essay based on that content. I was asked to write a draft essay, and the brainstorming sessions helped me to frame the essays.

Admit Expert focused on such sessions and provided insights to their clients. In the process, I learned essay writing and content writing. Admit Expert helped me to edit the essays, and after multiple iterations, we finalized them.

Admit Expert also guided me for resume writing and letters of recommendation (LOR), which helped me a lot during my applications. Finally, I got admitted to ISB Hyderabad. I strongly recommend Admit Expert to those seeking help from scratch and those who want to learn the process