Rushang Gupta

I am glad I chose Admit Expert to help me with my MBA application process. Their extensive experience and knowledge of the admissions process really helped me to identify the gaps in my profile and tailor my applications to the requirements of each school.

Their lead consultant was exceptionally effective in helping me to refine my applications and bring out the strengths in my profile. I was blown away by their editing skills and attention to detail – they really went above and beyond to ensure that my applications were the best they could be.

Despite facing discouragement from people around me because of my just 2 years of work experience, Admit Expert’s team really pushed me to apply this year, and I am so glad that I did. Thanks to their expert guidance, I was able to secure a full scholarship admission at NYU Stern and reach the interview stages of all the schools I applied to with them. Although I was waitlisted at Haas, I know that their support and guidance made a huge difference in helping me get as far as I did. Their continued guidance throughout the waitlist process is praiseworthy.

Overall, I would highly recommend Admit Expert’s MBA consulting services to anyone looking to pursue an MBA. They were always ready and willing to help, and gave me a comprehensive picture of all the schools to help me decide which ones I should aim for. Thank you, Admit Expert, for all of your hard work and support throughout this process!