Saumya Singh

The Admit Expert team has been crucial to my journey towards getting admission in my desired B-school. Coming from a Humanities background, with work experience mostly in the social sector, I was quite worried about my chances of getting into a B- school. However, the Admit Expert team very patiently guided me and made me understand the requirements needed for getting an admission. My background, I was explained, was not infact a disadvantage but rather an advantage.

The Admit Expert team, after doing a detailed analysis of my resume, educational career and my future aspirations, helped throughout my admission process. From registration to filling the form, to working on my essays. Since my goal was getting admission into ISB, essay writing was a crucial step of the application process. The Admit Expert team regularly organised extensive sessions with me and helped me in essay writing. We went through multiple drafts till we reached a point where we were satisfied with the essays.

Admit expert also arranged multiple interviews with alumni of ISB and leading figures hailing from my target sector, in order to prepare me for the interview process and so that I could get a clearer idea about my career goals. My interviewer was extremely helpful and conducted an extensive mock interview with me to prepare me for the final step of the admission process.

In the end, I was fully prepared for my interview, so much so that I was not feeling nervous at all. Eventually, I got through the admission process and got selected.

I could not have achieved this without the help from Admit Expert team. They not only helped me understand what were my strengths, but also helped me know where my weaknesses lay so that we could together work on them.

I entered into this field with little to no knowledge, but now I feel confident. This all thanks to the Admit Expert team.