Snigdha Mishra

There was never a single moment of discouragement from the get go. Before signing up for the service, I was given an honest feedback about my profile and encouraged to apply to my target schools. From the first call itself, Aseem and Sidharth urged me to look back on my experience and highlight my achievements. With their help, I was able to construct an impactful story about why I was a deserving candidate for ISB and NUS respectively. But the primary reason I took their help was because they put me in touch with alumni from my choice of schools and field. Consequently, I received interview invites from both schools. They then helped me prepare by conducting a mock interview, giving me constructive tips on how to see the intent behind each question, improving upon my answers and providing me with a list of probable questions. All this work paid off and I finally received an admit from ISB. I would like to recommend AdmitExpert to everyone planning to do their MBA in India or abroad. Their process makes you think about your own experience and craft a story which is both impactful and personal. I’m extremely grateful to them for their help and input. Good luck!