Sourabh Sheelwant

Hello, I’m Sourabh Sheelwant, I come from a typical IT background.

I did my undergrad in Electronics and Communication Engineering at R V College of Engineering Bangalore and had a decent cgpa of around 8.6. After my graduation, I started working in a US-based startup called Bidgely. It is a data analytics company for energy utilities across the world, so I have a broad experience in the power sector and in data analytics.

After spending around 3 years at Bidgely I knew it was the right time for me to do an MBA and ISB was the only B School that I was targeting.

So I wrote GMAT and got a decent 710, and then it was time to write my essays and the whole application. I sort of knew what I had done, and what I wanted to write, but there was a lack of structure to my thinking. That’s when Admit expert happened, and I have never looked back since.

I remember we started out with them sharing a brainstorming template with me. I dumped anything and everything that came to my mind and slowly over multiple iterations we weeded out unnecessary things and refined the content.

I wrote multiple drafts of my essays with their inputs, and I still remember that my final essays were exceeding the word limit by around 200 words. That is when Sivaranjini from the Admit expert team showed her magic. She refined those essays and got them down to the word limit without losing the essence of what I wanted to convey.

My application was shortlisted, and then I started my interview prep. They shared a template on how to prep for the interview and took mock interviews and grilled me on what I had written in my essays. That really helped me as my actual interview went somewhat similarly. The kind of questions I was asked in the mock interview helped me prepare for any kind of question that could be asked in the actual interview.

Finally, I got the admit now and I’m joining ISB in April, a big thanks goes to Admit expert for helping me throughout my journey. I would recommend Admit Expert to everyone who wants guidance on their B-school essays and interview prep! ISB or otherwise.

All the best!