Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is a highly regarded business school located in Durham, North Carolina. It is known for its strong focus on global business and offers a variety of degree programs, including the MBA and Master of Management Studies. The school is also home to a number of centers and institutes that focus on areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Students at Fuqua benefit from a rigorous academic program and have access to a wide range of extracurricular activities and resources, including internships and career services. Overall, the Fuqua School of Business is a great option for anyone looking to advance their education and career in the field of business.

Duke Fuqua School of Business

General Information on Duke Fuqua School of Business

Location – 100 Fuqua Drive, Box 90120, Durham, NC 27708-0120 USA

Dean – Bill Boulding

Phone: +1 919-660-7705


Social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

Duke Fuqua  MBA – By the numbers

Here are a few important statistics for the latest class i.e. class of 2024 of the Duke Fuqua School of Business

Applications received3539
Class Size399
Median GMAT Score720
Average GRE Score317
Median GPA3.49
Work Experience (Average)6 years
Tuition Cost for a Single Person$71,750

Now, let’s take a look in detail at the latest incoming class i.e., class of 2024 of Duke Fuqua School of Business.

Duke Fuqua  MBA class profile 2024

undergraduate major duke fuqua class of 2024


A total of 3539 candidates applied Duke Fuqua’s class of 2024 and 727 folks received admits. Out of them, 399 people enrolled in Duke Fuqua’s MBA class of 2024.


Business Schools care a lot about maintaining diversity in the class. Nearly half (48%) of the Duke Fuqua class of 2024 is female and 39% of students are international students.

  • % women in the Duke Fuqua class of 2024 – 48%
  • % international students in the Duke Fuqua class of 2024 – 39%

Test Scores and GPA

Duke Fuqua School of Business is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. So, it’s quite understandable that the GPA and test scores will be on the higher side. The Median GPA of the Duke Fuqua  class of 2024 is 3.64, the Median GMAT score is 730, and the Median GRE score is 325.

Median GPA – 3.49

GMAT Score

  • Median GMAT – 720

GRE Score

  • Average GRE – 317

Undergraduate Major

33% of Duke Fuqua class of 2024 have a background in Engineering/Natural Sciences followed by 28% in Business & Accounting. 

undergraduate major of duke fuqua class of 2024

More details are in the table below:

Undergraduate MajorPercentage of Duke Fuqua class of 2024
Engineering / Natural Sciences33%
Business & Accounting28%
Liberal Arts / Other22%

Pre-MBA industry of Duke Fuqua  MBA class of 2024

Every student of the Duke Fuqua class of 2024 has some work experience. The Median work experience is 5.58 years. 18% of the Duke Fuqua class of 2024 has a background in Financial Services followed by Consulting (14%) and Technology (11%). More details are in the table below:

Pre-MBA industry% of Duke Fuqua class of 2024
Financial Services18%

MBA Application Deadlines

The application dates for the MBA Class of 2025 (incoming class of 2023) are

Application RoundDeadlineDecisions
Early ActionSep 7, 2022Oct 20, 2022
Round 1Sep 26, 2022Dec 8, 2022
Round 2Jan 5, 2023Mar 10, 2023
Round 3Mar 28, 2023May 2, 2023

Now that you know the education and industry background of the latest class of Duke Fuqua School of Business, you must have an idea of where you stand compared to them. To get into Duke Fuqua School of Business try to match or exceed these numbers. Now, let’s take a look at the compensation that Duke Fuqua  MBA students get after they graduate.

Duke Fuqua  MBA employment statistics – Class of 2022

The Duke Fuqua School of Business class of 2022 received a median base salary of $155,000. Moreover, 74% of the class received a mean signing bonus of $33,418.

Here are the details:

  • Median Base Salary – $160,500
  • Median Signing Bonus – $30,000 
  • 98% received an offer within 3 months of graduating

Employment by Industry

36% of the Duke Fuqua MBA class of 2022 found employment in Consulting followed by 23% in Technology, and 16% in Financial Services.

More details are in the below table.

Financial Services16%
Consumer Packaged Goods4%

Median Salary by Industry

Candidates finding employment in Consulting and Financial Services received the highest median salary of $175,000. Candidates who found a job in Technology received a median salary of $141,000. 

More details are in the following table.

IndustryMedian Base Salary
Financial Services$175,000
Consumer Packaged Goods$120,000

Employment by Function

40% of the Duke Fuqua  MBA class of 2022 found employment in Consulting, followed by 24% in Finance, and 15% in General Management.

More details are below.

Job FunctionPercent
General Management15%

Median Salary by function

Duke Fuqua class of 2022 students who found employment in Consulting received the highest median salaries of $175,000 followed by Finance ($152,500), and Information Technology ($145,000).

Job FunctionMedian Base Salary
Information Technology$145,000
General Management$135,000

Employment by Location

Majority (97%) of the Duke Fuqua  MBA class of 2022 found employment in the United States. A mere 3% chose to work outside the US. In the US, 29% found jobs in the North East. Median Salary in the US is $160,110.

More details are below.

United States97%

Major Employers

The big three consulting firms of McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain combined to hire 70 Duke Fuqua MBAs in 2022, with BCG's 42 hires leading all employers. The top tech employer for Duke was Amazon, which hired 15 fewer Fuqua MBAs amid a general downturn in tech hiring.

Company2022 Hires20212020201920182017
McKinsey & Co.162418301721
Boston Consulting Group42192113914
Bain & Company1297NANANA
Bank of America1097NANANA

Cost of Attendance

The Duke Fuqua  Cost of Attendance includes Tuition Fees, Housing, books, and other costs.

ExpenseCost (USD)
Estimated Medical Insurance & Other Fees7547
Estimated Educational Supplies668
Estimated Living Expenses20304
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance (USD)100269

Duke Fuqua Scholarships

There are a number of opportunities—including merit scholarships, loans, and other programs—to help make your Fuqua Daytime MBA a reality.

Aid TypeEligibility
Merit-based scholarshipsAll applicants considered; no application required to be eligible
Federal and private student loansU.S. citizens and permanent residents
International Student Loan Program(no cosigner needed)International students
Yellow Ribbon ProgramEligible Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) recipients
Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows ProgramStudents who have satisfactorily completed service in the U.S. Peace Corps and who engage in community service while enrolled
Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Social Sector ScholarshipIndividuals with social sector backgrounds who are looking to acquire business skills for use in their pursuit of social impact
Other CASE support for InternsVaries based on internship
Rex and Ellen Adams Loan Assistance ProgramQualifying alumni who work full-time for eligible nonprofit and government organizations or certified B-Corporations

Merit Scholarships

Every admitted applicant is considered for a merit scholarship. These awards are for the 2-year duration of the MBA program and range from partial to full tuition. We do not currently have funding for new awards in the second year, so students who enroll without scholarship funding should not anticipate an award for year two. For questions regarding scholarship awards or to receive more information about the scholarship review process, please contact your admissions counselor.

Criteria for selection:

  • Prior academic achievement
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Involvement in the community
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Professional accomplishments

How will you know if you have received a merit scholarship?

  • Scholarship information will be included in your electronic admission letter.
  • There will be more information about your scholarship and its benefits in your admitted student portal.

Named Awards

Fuqua merit scholarship recipients are automatically considered for named scholarships funded by Fuqua and corporate sponsors—you do not need to submit any additional materials to be considered. A separate selection process to award named scholarships is conducted during the summer or fall semester. Named awards replace any merit scholarships already received; they do not provide you with extra scholarship funds.

Fuqua and a variety of corporate donors fund a generous scholarship program for underrepresented minority students. 

Keller Scholars

Keller Scholarships are named in honor of Dr. Thomas Keller, former Dean of Fuqua, who led The Fuqua School of Business to a position of international prominence in less than a decade. These awards, covering 100% of tuition, are funded by Fuqua, endowments, and corporate donors. The Admissions Scholarship Committee selects Keller Scholars based on academic excellence and strong commitment to improving their communities through leadership and service.

The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE)

CASE also provides several assistance programs to attract the most talented students dedicated to making a positive difference in the world by reducing their financial burden. In addition to other sources of financial aid at Fuqua, Daytime MBA students and alumni with an interest in the social sector may be eligible for the following programs:

Type of AssistanceEligible Students
Class of 1990 Nonprofit and Small Business Internship AwardFirst-year students who choose a summer internship with a nonprofit, public, or small- to medium-size company
CASE Summer Internship ProgramFirst-year students who pursue summer internships with nonprofit organizations and public agencies
CASE Social Sector ScholarshipFirst-year students with nonprofit experience who intend to return to social sector careers upon graduation
Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows ProgramStudents who have satisfactorily completed service in the U.S. Peace Corps and who engage in community service while enrolled

Final Thoughts

Most MBA applicants dream of getting an MBA from Duke Fuqua School of Business. Duke Fuqua School of Business is one of the best business schools in the world, so getting into it can be hard. Even though there is no foolproof method to ensure admission to Duke Fuqua , you can improve your chances significantly by working diligently on your application. We can help you get into Duke Fuqua School of Business. Our consultants include Duke Fuqua alumni who will give you the most accurate advice and guidance you’ll need to get into Duke Fuqua. So, get started now.

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