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B-School: CMU Tepper

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B-school: ISB. NUS


B-School: IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore


B-School: Erasmus Rotterdam School of Management, ESADE


B-School: ISB


B-School: London Business School
Industry: E-Commerce

I took MBA admission consulting services from Admit Expert for applying to LBS. They understood my profile, went through multiple iterations of narrative building and essay editing, and finally we were able to submit a great application, which might not have been possible without the guidance of Admit Expert team.

I'd definitely recommend Admit Expert to anyone looking to get into a good B-school.


B-School: ISB
GMAT: 710

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Hello, I’m Sourabh Sheelwant, I come from a typical IT background.

I did my undergrad in Electronics and Communication Engineering at R V College of Engineering Bangalore and had a decent cgpa of around 8.6. After my graduation, I started working in a US-based startup called Bidgely. It is a data analytics company for energy utilities across the world, so I have a broad experience in the power sector and in data analytics.

After spending around 3 years at Bidgely I knew it was the right time for me to do an MBA and ISB was the only B School that I was targeting.

So I wrote GMAT and got a decent 710, and then it was time to write my essays and the whole application. I sort of knew what I had done, and what I wanted to write, but there was a lack of structure to my thinking. That’s when Admit expert happened, and I have never looked back since.

I remember we started out with them sharing a brainstorming template with me. I dumped anything and everything that came to my mind and slowly over multiple iterations we weeded out unnecessary things and refined the content.

I wrote multiple drafts of my essays with their inputs, and I still remember that my final essays were exceeding the word limit by around 200 words. That is when Sivaranjini from the Admit expert team showed her magic. She refined those essays and got them down to the word limit without losing the essence of what I wanted to convey.

My application was shortlisted, and then I started my interview prep. They shared a template on how to prep for the interview and took mock interviews and grilled me on what I had written in my essays. That really helped me as my actual interview went somewhat similarly. The kind of questions I was asked in the mock interview helped me prepare for any kind of question that could be asked in the actual interview.

Finally, I got the admit now and I’m joining ISB in April, a big thanks goes to Admit expert for helping me throughout my journey. I would recommend Admit Expert to everyone who wants guidance on their B-school essays and interview prep! ISB or otherwise.

All the best!

Ansari Tk

B-School: IE Business School, Spain
GMAT Score: 650
industry: Tech/Software development

Thanks a lot. It was a wonderful and fruitful journey with you guys. Its a collective achievement. Thanks for supporting me.


B-school: ISB

It was great working with Aseem. The kind of support and help he provided was excellent. Right from the brainstorming sessions to coming up with the storyline and from providing relevant essay structures to the wonderful editing of the essays, it was a splendid experience.

The quality of essays wouldn't be this great without his inputs. He was very affable, easily approachable, and very quick in responding. Also, a big thank you to the complete Admitexpert team for providing all the necessary tools and help required for a seamless application process

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B-school: Schulich York
Industry: Project Management, Strategy

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Rahul is an amazing storyteller. He worked with me diligently to help me find the best stories from my experience and present them compellingly. He has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the admission process.

Consulting him was a wise decision that I made towards my dream of getting into a top school. He guided me throughout my journey, starting from researching b-schools that best suited my aspirations to conducting mock interviews. The feedback that he provided me at each stage reflected his expertise as it helped me upscale myself and present my best self forward.

Even when the times got tough during the journey, his counsel kept me motivated to work tirelessly towards my goal. MBA admissions journey is intimidating for sure, but with an expert companion like Rahul, it can be a journey of self discovery, transformation, and unbound success


B-school: ISB & IIM C
Industry: Accounting and Finance
GMAT: 660

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After taking GMAT, I wanted to submit my best possible application. I explored various consultants, but ultimately chose Admit Expert, which a friend also referred to me. Working with Admit Expert was great, as they knew what a B-school wants to see in the application, and structure the entire process around that. They laid a lot of emphasis on narrative building, shortlisting stories and leadership traits, and identifying my spikes rather than just helping in essay editing. They also have the best consultants who are top B-school alumni, and on top of that they allocate the school mentors, who are alumni of the schools I was applying to. My lead consultant, Aseem was really helpful, available and had great insights. I’d strongly recommend Admit Expert to everyone who wants to get into a top B-school – please take their services without a second thought


B-school: IIM Ahmedabad

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I contacted Aseem specifically because I needed someone who is well versed with Indian education systems and job markets. I applied to IIMA using his service and received an admission offer. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, he is extremely knowledgeable and flexible when it comes to working with admission consultants. I would absolutely recommend him


B-school: IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore

I strongly recommend the interview package that I opted for to prepare for the interview rounds at IIMs. I gained a valuable learning experience by interacting with the interviewers who were readily available to answer my queries even after the sessions. Admit Expert team guided me and helped me to present my answers correctly and coherently. They are strongly recommended


B-school: Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth logo

I got into Chicago Booth and I couldn’t have done it without Admit Expert. I come from an overrepresented candidate pool which actually required me to take help from an admissions consultant. My friend referred me to Admit Expert and I must say I was impressed with their understanding of the whale admissions process. They know so much about the application process. It was like working directly with the admissions committee. The biggest challenge for me was the essay. But, their guidance made the whole essay writing process seamless and effortless. They helped me at every step of the way and I recommend Admit Expert if you’re looking to get into a top-notch business school.


B-school: Michigan Ross, Duke Fuqua

I am very happy with my decision to work with Admit Expert. In my first call itself, I was impressed with Aseem and his team. They provided a realistic list of business schools for marketing based on my profile. I zeroed in on Michigan Ross and Duke Fuqua.

I was very satisfied with the advice they gave me and their 3-layer system was great! They have an admissions consultant who I worked directly with, a school alumnus who is a former college student at the school I applied to, and an essay expert who helped me refine my essays. They were very professional and responded quickly. Made the whole process so easy. The best part - I got into both schools with a scholarship. Thank you Aseem and team Admit Expert.


B-school: Columbia/NYU Stern

They clearly do justice to their name. They are experts at getting admits to business schools. I worked with Admit Expert for a few months before the R1 deadlines and the team has been nothing but extraordinary.

They provided me with a high-level strategy when I started based on my profile and career goals. My goal was to boost my current career in the finance industry and what better business schools than Wharton, and Columbia for achieving my goal. Based on my profile, Aseem advised me to add NYU Stern to the list. He also explained the importance of the location of a business school and I decided to target business schools in New York.

Though honestly, Columbia was a long shot but to my surprise I received admits from both Columbia and NYU Stern, thanks to Admit Expert.


B-school: Berkeley Haas

When I first started the MBA admissions process, I was under the impression that all of these schools were the same and it just depended on which one you could get into. Admit Expert taught me how to find my perfect school by providing me with a personalized checklist for self-evaluation and highlighting my strengths so that I can apply to schools that will give me an edge. Berkeley Haas was my target school. With structured guidance and Haas alumni expert advice on my side, I made it to my dream business school. I also got into LBS.

I strongly recommend Admit Expert if you want to get into your dream business school.


B-school: UCLA Anderson

UCLA anderson logo

Aseem was incredibly helpful in our consultation call, outlining what made me a unique candidate and how to best present my experience and achievements. He helped me perform research on school selection strategy. Our talk seemed organic and never like a sales pitch.

‘I am a man of action’ - I remember Aseem telling me this part of my personality on our second call and based on my profile and career goals he asked me to consider applying to UCLA Anderson to my list as I have the skills and behaviors UCLA is specifically looking for in candidates. Also, I wanted to get into product management post MBA. So, I added UCLA to my list of target schools which already had Stanford, Berkeley Haas, and MIT Sloan.

I decided to go forward with Admit Expert and this decision changed everything for me. With their thorough understanding of the admissions process, expert consultants, and personalized approach I got into 3 out of 4 target schools. And Yes, I got into UCLA with scholarship. Thank you so much Aseem and Admit Expert team.


B-school: Tuck, Cornell, Kenan Flagler

I was looking for an admissions consultant to assist me with all elements of my MBA applications because I came from a non-business background. I talked to four different firms before deciding on Admit Expert. Their tailored approach piqued my interest.

Aseem is a diligent consultant. He will continually encourage you to perform your finest work and express your unique narrative. For example, we conducted 4 iterations of my resume alone. I was irritated at times by how hard he pushed me (re-writing the same paragraph over and over is not fun!), but I knew he was just doing it to make my applications as powerful as possible.

Admit Expert also provides many mock practice sessions for each school's interviews to ensure you are properly prepared.

To cut a long story short, Admit Expert helped me get into Dartmouth Tuck, Cornell, and Kenan Flagler. Thank you, team. Couldn’t have done it without you.


B-school: Cambridge, Oxford

I got into Oxford Saïd and Cambridge Judge and I couldn’t have done it without Admit Expert. I wanted to get into European business schools as I prefer 1-year full-time MBA programs to 2-year full-time MBA.

Aseem gave me honest feedback on my profile and helped me in school selection based on my career goals. I ended up targeting London Business School, Oxford Saïd, and Cambridge Judge in this preference.
Their 3-layer system is their USP. I think it sets them apart from other admissions consultants.

My principal consultant knew in and out about my target schools. He explained to me what exactly I needed to do to get into these schools. I also had mentors who were alumni of my target schools and an essay expert. They all helped me prepare an excellent application which helped me secure admits from 2 target business schools. Thanks once again.


B-school: McCombs, Tepper

I highly recommend Admit Expert. It was a great experience from the very start to finish. After working with Admit Expert, I received admits from Texas-McCombs, and CMU Tepper.

This is my second year applying. I applied to eight schools my first year and got zero interviews. With my non-standard background and low GPA, I questioned whether I could get an MBA. They suggested methods to strengthen my essays and my overall profile and helped me with school selection. They helped me when no one would.

They assisted me early in the process in articulating my values and strengths, and maybe most crucially for me, helped in identifying essential stories that proved these values. These were drawn from experiences I had not previously included in my applications and provided excellent insight into who I am.

I was never uncomfortable during the process and honestly felt that Admit Expert assisted me in putting my best foot forward while ensuring that my voice and words were heard in the essays. If you're looking for an admissions consultant who is prompt, personalized, and perceptive, I definitely recommend Admit Expert. This was a fantastic experience with fantastic outcomes.


B-school: Rice Jones, Texas A&M, McCombs

My background is from the energy sector and I wanted to enhance my career through an MBA from a US business school. However, I was clueless about finding the right business school based on my career gaols. This is where Admit Expert comes into the picture. I stumbled upon Admit Expert while searching on the web and had my first call with Aseem. He patiently understood my profile and helped me identify business schools which have a good track record of helping candidates boost their career in oil and gas sector. I zeroed in on Rice Jones, Texas A&M and UT-Austin McCombs. Aseem connected me with alums from these business schools who gave me specific advice on these schools. They helped me refine my essays and prepped me for interviews. I am happy to tell that I received admits from all 3 schools. Thank you Admit Expert.


B-school: Georgetown McDonough
Industry: Project Management, Strategy

I had my first interaction with Rahul when I was applying for Business Schools and he comes as somebody who listens and brainstorms with you about your stories. Rahul has helped me write my stories with a compelling narration.

We had multiple meetings where he helped me understand my stories better and gave multiple feedbacks on my essays as a great mentor. I would certainly recommend Rahul if you want to discuss and brainstorm your stories for your B school applications.


B-school: IIM C, IIMB, ISB

I am Sourabh Bhattacharya. I have over five years of experience working in ITES and PSU banking. With a score of 710 on the GMAT, I was looking to apply to premier colleges in India for my MBA/PGDM. Admit Expert has been a great help to me in structuring my application and highlighting the strong points of my work experience. They advised me on what the adcoms would consider acceptable and unacceptable. My SOPs were refined multiple times after I presented my first draft to my designated consultant under the package I bought. The consultant was well versed in what the adcoms look for and also made sure that I remembered the important dates for the colleges I had shortlisted. I had opted for a 5-school consultancy under the bronze package. I had shortlisted IIM B, C, ISB, IIM L, and XLRI as my colleges. The season opened with IIM B and C, and the help from Admit Expert was impactful in my securing an interview call from both IIM B and C. Later, I also got the interview call from ISB. I ultimately converted the IIM C call and was waitlisted in B. I would vehemently recommend the services of Admit Expert for anyone looking to apply to their preferred B-schools.


B-school: ISB. NUS

There was never a single moment of discouragement from the get go. Before signing up for the service, I was given an honest feedback about my profile and encouraged to apply to my target schools. From the first call itself, Aseem and Sidharth urged me to look back on my experience and highlight my achievements. With their help, I was able to construct an impactful story about why I was a deserving candidate for ISB and NUS respectively. But the primary reason I took their help was because they put me in touch with alumni from my choice of schools and field. Consequently, I received interview invites from both schools. They then helped me prepare by conducting a mock interview, giving me constructive tips on how to see the intent behind each question, improving upon my answers and providing me with a list of probable questions. All this work paid off and I finally received an admit from ISB. I would like to recommend AdmitExpert to everyone planning to do their MBA in India or abroad. Their process makes you think about your own experience and craft a story which is both impactful and personal. I’m extremely grateful to them for their help and input. Good luck!


B-School: Cornell Johnson

Cornell Johnson Logo

I took MBA admission consulting services from Chandranath, who is a consultant with Admit Expert. Credit for my admit to Cornell definitely goes to him. His help was timely, thoughtful and of high quality.

He was very accommodating, patient and sensitive. He often went above and beyond the scope in helping me make school choices. I wish that more aspiring MBAs get help from such mentors


B-school: Emory

I talked to Aseem for the first time during a free profile evaluation. By then, I had already talked with numerous admissions consultants for a profile examination, but his opinion was really candid and assisted me in closing some gaps in my profile.

He assisted me in shortlisting the appropriate schools to which I could apply, and this included a fair mix of target and stretch schools. My career goal is to pursue entrepreneurship in the long term, and Aseem shared information on specific MBA programs focused on entrepreneurship. Following this call, I agreed to collaborate with them.

The fact that there was no restriction on the number of iterations on essays was the nicest part about working with them. The consultant, school mentors, and essay experts helped me improve my profile and polish my essays.

They also assisted me with interviews for several schools, and the mock interviews were quite helpful.

Overall, it was a pleasure working with Admit Expert, who assisted me in honing my writing and interviewing skills.

Also, Got into Emory.