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The SMU MBA program offered by the Singapore Management University’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business stands as a testament to excellence in business education. Designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge required for effective leadership in the dynamic business landscape, the SMU MBA program integrates a comprehensive curriculum with practical exposure.

SMU MBA Singapore

In this article, we delve into the key facets of the SMU MBA program, from general information to admissions requirements, program overview, fees, placements, and scholarships.

General Information

The SMU MBA program is a full-time endeavor that invites professionals to embark on a transformative educational journey. Located in the vibrant city-state of Singapore, the program benefits from its strategic location as a global business hub and offers a rich blend of academic rigor, experiential learning, and industry engagement.

Here is some general information on SMU LKC School of Business:

SMU MBA Class Profile

The NUS MBA Class Profile offers a snapshot of diversity and excellence:

SMU MBA programFull-time MBA
Average Age (years)30
Average Work experience (years)5-7
International Candidates65%
Average GMAT Score660

The SMU MBA program offers a full-time MBA experience characterized by a diverse and dynamic class profile. The typical student is around 30 years old with an average of 5-7 years of work experience. This diverse cohort represents 34 nationalities, with international candidates accounting for 65% of the class. The program draws professionals from 22 different industries, fostering a rich learning environment. With an average GMAT score of 660, the SMU MBA program attracts individuals who bring a wealth of experience and perspectives to their educational journey.

Pre-MBA Industry

Pre MBA IndustryPercent
Financial Services10%

The SMU MBA class has pre-MBA experience in the following industries

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Advertising
  • Computer Science
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurial (SMEs, Family Business)
  • Finance
  • Government sector
  • Healthcare
  • Information Systems
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Communication
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Physiotherapy
  • Real Estate
  • Science
  • Shipping
  • Technology
  • Telecom

SMU MBA Program Overview

The versatility of the SMU MBA provides you with the choice to complete your MBA journey within either a 12-month timeframe for the Full-time Programme or an 18-month duration for the Part-time Programme. This accommodation empowers you to tailor the Program to align with your work commitments as a busy working professional.

SMU MBA Programme Structure

SMU provides two study modes for the MBA program:

  • The 12-month Full-Time MBA (with the option to finish in 10 months)
  • The 18-month Part-Time MBA (with the option to finish in 15 months)

With a distinct focus on leadership and effective communication abilities, SMU presents an innovative and unconventional curriculum encompassing a range of courses. The program mandates the completion of 8 core modules for MBA students. Additionally, a minimum of 10 electives must be undertaken, tailored to individual interests and knowledge needs to enhance the core modules. The elective offerings are subject to annual adjustments.

SMU MBA Program Curriculum

SMU MBA Eligibility

Applicants for the MBA program at SMU’s LKCSB typically require:

  • Minimum post-degree work experience of 2 years.
  • Good undergraduate degree from a reputable institution (in any field).
  • Strong interpersonal skills and international outlook, and the ability to work in diverse groups.
  • Any outstanding professional accomplishments, leadership experience and potential, academic aptitude, and community impact would be an added advantage.
  • Intellectual prowess and leadership capabilities, are committed to learn, and who have the personal qualities to contribute to the SMU MBA experience and greater community

SMU MBA Application Deadlines

January Intake (Full-Time & Part-Time)

RoundApplication Deadline
Round 1March 15, 2023
Round 2July 15, 2023
Round 3Oct 31, 2023

August Intake (Full-Time & Part-Time)

RoundApplication Deadline
Round 1November 30, 2023
Round 2February 28, 2024
Round 3May 31, 2024


Pursuing an MBA at the Singapore Management University (SMU) is not just an investment in education; it’s an investment in your future as a business leader. SMU is committed to providing a world-class MBA experience that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and network they need to excel in the competitive business landscape.

Tuition Fees for the SMU MBA Program:

SMU offers two intakes for its MBA program, one in January and the other in August, providing flexibility for prospective students. The tuition fees for the program are as follows:

  • January Intake: SGD 70,850 (inclusive of GST)
  • August Intake: SGD 76,300 (inclusive of GST)

SMU MBA Scholarships

Prospective students of the Singapore Management University’s (SMU) MBA program have the opportunity to access various scholarships and financial aid options to support their educational journey. These scholarships and financial aid packages, which are awarded upon admission, can cover up to 30% of the tuition fees and are provided without any bonds attached.

Academic Excellence

The SMU MBA program recognizes and rewards exceptional academic performance with the Academic Excellence Award. This award is based on academic merit, final grades, and GMAT scores. It is divided into two tiers:

  • Tier One: Awardees must have achieved a GMAT score of 720 or above and demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.
  • Tier Two: Awardees must have achieved a GMAT score of 700 or above and have a strong record of academic excellence.

Global Awareness

SMU values diversity and aims to create a global academic environment. The Global Awareness Award is bestowed upon individuals who enrich the classroom experience through their cultural, personal, or professional backgrounds, contributing to a diverse and enriching learning experience for all.


The Leadership Scholarship is designed for individuals with demonstrated leadership capabilities in their profession, organization, or community. Applicants must showcase strong leadership qualities or potential in both personal and professional contexts, and they must have successfully received an admissions offer.

The Admissions Scholarship Committee evaluates applicants based on their interview performance, an essay discussing their leadership qualities, and evidence of leadership recognition in the workplace or during their student days.

Community Impact

The SMU MBA program values candidates who are committed to making a positive impact on their communities. The Community Impact Award recognizes individuals who have contributed to society through outstanding community work, volunteerism, social contributions, and other positive actions.

Applicants for this award are assessed based on their interview performance, an essay describing their community impact, and the frequency and reach of their community work, as well as any awards or recognition received.

Impact on Asia

The SMU MBA program is dedicated to creating an impact in Singapore and across Asia. This award is designed for individuals who have demonstrated achievements in their professional, social, and personal lives that have positively influenced Asia. This includes contributions to Asian regions or companies, entrepreneurial projects with an Asian focus, or raising awareness of Asia in other locations.

Applicants are evaluated by the Admissions Scholarship Committee based on their interview performance, an essay detailing their impact on Asia, the reach of their impact, entrepreneurial projects, awards, and efforts to increase awareness of Asia.

Women in Business

The “Women in Business” Award acknowledges exceptional women who have exhibited outstanding leadership capabilities or potential in their professional or personal endeavors. Applicants must have received an admissions offer to be eligible.

The scholarship evaluation process includes an interview, an essay explaining why the applicant should receive the “Women in Business” Scholarship, and evidence of leadership recognition in the workplace or during their student days.

Corporate Partner Award

For applicants sponsored by the same organization (fully or partially), the Corporate Partner Award provides a 20% discount for two or more company-sponsored candidates enrolling in the same intake.

SMU-ASEAN Scholarships

These scholarships do not require a separate application and offer awards ranging from S$5,000 to S$10,000. They are available to nationals of ASEAN member countries (excluding Singaporeans) who are successfully admitted to the SMU Full-time or Part-time MBA Program.

DBS MBA Valedictorian Award

The Valedictorian of each SMU MBA class is awarded a S$5,000 cash prize by the Development Bank of Singapore.

Ayala Postgraduate Scholarships

The Ayala Postgraduate Scholarship, valued at S$25,000, is designed to support outstanding candidates from the Philippines in their postgraduate education. Eligibility criteria include outstanding academic records, a commitment to pursuing postgraduate studies, and financial need.

Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship, established in honor of Singapore’s former Prime Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, is awarded to Singaporean citizens with strong academic aptitude and a dedication to serving and contributing to Singapore society. The scholarship covers both Master’s and PhD programs, and applicants with leadership and service records are encouraged to apply.

Lien Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at grooming social service leaders and is open to outstanding staff from voluntary welfare organizations (VWOs) and members of the public. Scholars must fulfill a bond in a VWO or social service agency upon graduation.

APEC Scholarship

Funded by the Singapore Ministry of Education, the APEC Scholarship supports deserving full-time SMU MBA candidates from APEC member economies (excluding Singaporeans). It covers various expenses, including monthly stipends, book allowances, tuition fees, and more.

These scholarships and financial aid opportunities at SMU’s MBA program are designed to recognize excellence, leadership, and commitment to the community and Asia, offering valuable support for students pursuing their MBA aspirations. Get more information on SMU MBA Scholarship Page.

SMU MBA Placements

The employment traction of the SMU MBA cohort remains robust, defying the challenges posed by the competitive job market. Upon graduation, the job placement rate stands at 49%, while maintaining strong momentum at 80% six months after graduation. Notably, this accomplishment stands out as many similar programs experience declining rates. Equally noteworthy is the fact that 67% of graduates who accepted job offers were able to launch their careers in Singapore immediately upon graduation.

Furthermore, the post-graduation salaries of our MBA graduates present a compelling narrative. With some MBAs securing annual salaries as high as S$200,000, a marked increase from the previous year’s S$153,000, their median salaries six months after graduation have also surged by 16%, surpassing SGD 98,000 per annum this year. This upward trajectory underscores the success and value of the SMU MBA program in enhancing graduates’ career prospects and financial rewards.

SMU MBA Placements by Industry

The MBA graduates are recruited into diverse industry sectors, encompassing prominent fields such as Financial Services (21%), Technology (19%), and Consulting (10%).

SMU MBA Placements by industry

Here is the detailed information:

Financial Services21%
Real Estate5%

SMU MBA Placements by Job Function

Among the MBA cohort, 64% engage in job functions such as Marketing/Sales, Finance/Accounting, and Consulting. These functions consistently exhibit strong hiring trends, demonstrating their resilience in the face of economic fluctuations.

SMU MBA Placements by job function

Here is the detailed data:

Operations / Supply Chains / Logistic13%
General Management10%

SMU MBA – Hiring Companies

Hiring Companies Engaging with SMU MBA Graduates


  • PRA Health Sciences

Hong Kong:

  • Fung Group


  • Droom India
  • Knight Frank India


  • GoPay


  • EY ShinNihon
  • Star Mica


  • Kellogg Tolaram Africa


  • Abbott Laboratories
  • ABN Amro
  • Accenture Strategy
  • Alexander Mann Solutions
  • American Express
  • Bank Of Montreal (BMO)
  • BASF South East Asia
  • Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings
  • CognaLearn
  • Continental Automotive
  • Dell Global
  • Emerson Process Management
  • Equinix Asia Pacific
  • Ernst & Young
  • Euromonitor International
  • Housing Development Board
  • InnoSenze
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • KPMG
  • Leica Instruments
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Mastercard
  • Microsoft
  • Ministry Of Health
  • Ninja Van
  • OCBC Bank
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Partners Capital
  • PwC
  • S&P Global
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • SAP Asia
  • Singapore Health Services
  • Twitter
  • UOB
  • Whatman Asia Pacific Limited
  • Wilmar International Ltd.


  • Mercedes Benz


  • Agoda

SMU MBA – Job Offers by Country

Job offers for graduates of the SMU MBA program have been extended from a diverse range of industries and functions, spanning across 10 countries. This signifies the notable appeal of SMU MBA graduates among international employers. The distribution of job offers is as follows: 67% from Singapore, 8% from Japan, and 5% from India. This diverse global reach underscores the reputation of SMU MBA graduates and the strong demand for their skills and expertise in the global job market.


What is the duration of the SMU MBA program?

The SMU MBA program offers both full-time and part-time options. The full-time program typically takes 12 months to complete, while the part-time program is designed to be completed in 18 months.

What is the latest class profile of the SMU MBA program?

The SMU MBA class is diverse, with participants hailing from various professional backgrounds and nationalities. The average age ranges from 28 to 30 years, with an average work experience of 5 to 7 years. The class comprises a mix of local and international candidates, enhancing the global learning environment.

What is the program structure of the SMU MBA?

The SMU MBA program features a comprehensive curriculum that includes core courses, specialization tracks, and elective courses. Students have the flexibility to choose from various specializations such as Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and more.

Are scholarships available for the SMU MBA program?

Yes, SMU offers a range of scholarships for eligible candidates based on factors such as academic excellence, leadership potential, community impact, and more. These scholarships can cover up to 30% of the tuition fees.

Can I pursue the SMU MBA part-time while working?

Yes, SMU offers a part-time MBA program specifically designed for working professionals. The part-time program allows you to balance your work commitments while enhancing your skills and knowledge.

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