Product manager with 7 years of experience

Applying to top B schools can be an overwhelming and challenging process, often leaving applicants feeling unsure and lacking confidence. Admit Expert has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the admissions process and is someone you can trust to guide you through the journey. They not only helped me with the essential components of my application, but also became a trusted confidant, offering guidance on the softer aspects of the process, such as my post-MBA goals. Working with them gave me a sense of control and confidence, resulting in an admission offer from Stanford, Wharton and MIT.

Admit Expert’s emotional maturity and support helped me persevere and achieve my goals. Their approach encouraged me to explore my personal stories and goals, and provided valuable perspective on how admissions committees would view them. Above all, the conversations I had with Admit Expert were incredibly valuable and insightful, providing me with unique tips and perspectives that I will carry with me even beyond the admissions process.