ISB YLP 2023 – A Complete Guide on Young Leaders Programme



The ISB Young Leaders Program (YLP) is a prestigious programme for top students in their penultimate or final year of undergraduate or graduate school who want to work in business management. It is similar to the Harvard 2+2 program, in which you would have to gain 20 months of full-time work experience to join the PGP program.

ISB YLP: A complete guide

While it may seem complicated to understand, below we will help you dive deeper into the functioning of the course, its admission process, fee structure, etc. We will also take a look at the placements that the course offers and its 2023 class profile.


The ISB YLP is a unique program designed to identify and nurture future leaders who have strong academic records and demonstrate leadership potential. It is a two-phase program that begins in the pre-final year of the undergraduate degree and culminates in admission to the prestigious one-year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at the ISB.

In the first phase, candidates are required to complete a rigorous application process, including submitting their academic and professional profiles, essays, and recommendation letters. The shortlisted candidates are then invited to an interview round.

Those selected then move on to the second phase, which involves working for two years in a full-time job and gaining valuable work experience, after which TLP participants are required to join the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at ISB, a one-year full-time MBA program.

ISB YLP Eligibility

Eligibility for the ISB YLP is stringent, with the program looking for students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership potential, and a strong commitment to extracurricular activities. To be eligible, applicants must be in their pre-final or final year of undergraduate studies. The program is open to students from any discipline, but they must have consistently performed well academically.

Traits, the ISB admissions committee looks for in YLP applicants

During the admission process, candidates are holistically evaluated in the following parameters:


The application carefully assesses your ability to handle the program’s rigour using your 10th, 12th, and semester marks until pre-final/final year in stage 1 and your GMAT/GRE score in stage 2. Academic and GMAT/GRE scores have no minimum cuts.


Personal impact determines applicant evaluation. The applicant’s initiative and responsibilities are assessed. The application’s one professional evaluation (recommendation) helps assess the applicant’s leadership potential.


ISB seeks versatile, well-rounded people who have/can positively impact society. People who appreciate and bring different perspectives to the class. ISB learns about you through extracurricular activities and interests.

ISB YLP Admissions Process

ISB’s Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is segregated into 3 steps when it comes to its admission process.

Step One – Application form and Application fees

  • Firstly, the YLP aspirant should be in the pre-final year or final year of their undergraduate or postgraduate courses in terms of eligibility with no work experience at the time of application. There should also be no gap year between the UG and PG courses for postgraduate students.
  • The application form is available on ISB’s official website.
  • All students applying should also submit their academic certificates and extracurricular awards as part of the application process. 
  • Finally, the applicant will have to pay a one-time non-refundable application fee of ₹ 3000.

Step Two – GMAT/GRE score, two essays, and one evaluation

  • The applicants need to submit their GMAT/GRE scores as a part of the application process.
  • Furthermore, candidates will have to write two essays:
    • The first essay will have to be about self-awareness.
    • The second essay will be about career vision. Here, candidates need to mention their post-MBA goals.
  • The candidate must also share an evaluation. This is similar to a recommendation letter that other B-schools require and must be shared by a supervisor or teacher.

Step Three – Face to Face interview

Only the shortlisted candidates based on the second stated (evaluation) will proceed to the final round.

  • In the interview stage of the ISB YLP admission process, ISB alumni will interview the selected candidates. Based on the interview performance and profile, candidates will be sent their ISB YLP offer.
  • One hundred offers would be made to pre-final year students, and 100 offers would be made to final-year students respectively.
  • Once a selected candidate receives their ISB YLP admit, they need to deposit a fee of ₹ 1,00,000 + GST in two weeks.
  • This deposit fee would be adjusted with the tuition fees once the student starts their program. In case a student wishes to join a year later, they can request a deferment of one year. In case a student wishes to withdraw their admission, then the ₹ 1,00,000 + GST will be refunded.
  • Those candidates who accept the ISB YLP offer will need to start their mandatory 20 months of work experience, attend three learning weekends, and then attend the ISB YLP.

ISB YLP Application deadlines 2023

The deadlines and results dates for all three stages of the program are as below:

ISB YLP admissionDeadlineResult
STAGE 1March 26, 202310th December 2022 on a rolling basis
STAGE 2August 31, 202315th September – 30th November 2023 on a rolling basis
STAGE 315th September – 30th November 2023 on a rolling basis
Final resultRolling offers till the second week of December 2023

ISB YLP Scholarship 

The scholarship for the YLP admits is the same as the ISB PGP regular applicants. All applicants by default will be considered for merit scholarships offered at ISB. There is no separate essay needed unless you are interested in applying for a tuition waiver. Here is more information on the scholarships offered by ISB.

Scholarships offered by ISB

CategoryName of the scholarshipDescriptionHow to apply?Scholarship as % of Tuition FeeMode of disbursal
MeritDean Don Jacob’s Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to an applicant high on merit.No separate application required50%Waiver
MeritProf.Manasa Mandava Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to a woman applicant high on merit. It will be awarded in two tranches, the first tranche 25% of the tuition fee at the start of the programme and the second after completion of the core terms.No separate application required50%Waiver
MeritISB Merit WaiverAll applicants will automatically be considered for the available merit-linked tuition waivers. No separate application required25%-100%Waiver
DiversityISB Merit by Diversity WaiverThe applicants coming from diverse backgrounds in Education or Profession and high on merit will be considered.No separate application required25%-100%Waiver
DiversityInternational Diversity WaiverApplicants with international passports and high merit will be considered. No separate application required25%-100%Waiver
Need-cum-MeritISB Need-cum-Merit WaiverFamily income is not more than INR 18 Lakhs (including applicant’s pre-ISB income)Essay and Proof of income for self and family25%Waiver
DiversityAIESEC – ISB WaiversThe applicants who are also AIESECERs can apply for this waiver.Essay and proof of AIESEC25%Waiver
DiversityBridge to India WaiverApplicants who are currently working abroad and are planning to come back to India can apply.Essay25%Waiver

Scholarships sponsored by ISB donors

CategoryName of the scholarshipDescriptionHow to apply?Scholarship as % of Tuition FeeScholarship Amount in LakhsMode of disbursal
MeritBajaj Auto ScholarshipBajaj Auto sponsors three merit-based scholarships. The awardees of this scholarship are known as “Bajaj Auto Scholar”.No separate application required100%N/AWaiver
MeritDeepak Parayanken Tuition WaiverDeepak Parayanken, an alumnus of the PGP Class of 2011 sponsors two merit-based scholarships, and at least one of these is awarded to a female student. No separate application requiredN/A15Waiver
Need-cum-MeritNeed-cum-Merit Scholarship (Anonymous Donor)The donor has sponsored need-based scholarships for PGP programme. The scholarship amounts will be paid into the awardees’ accounts after enrolment. ISB Need-cum-merit based criteria.ISB Need-cum-merit based application25%-100%N/APaid to student’s account
Merit or NeedLakshya Scholarship for womenBharat Forge Limited has instituted “Lakshya Scholarship for Women” to financially support a student of PGP programme every year.No separate application requiredN/A10Waiver
Need-cum-MeritAnonymous DonorThe donor has sponsored need-based scholarships for PGP programme. ISB Need-cum-merit based criteria.ISB Need-cum-merit based application25%N/AWaiver
MeritAlumni Endowment Fund Tuition WaiverThe Alumni Endowment Scholarship awards two merit-based scholarships to the students of PGP programme every year.No separate application required25%N/AWaiver
Diversity, Need & MeritVisiting faculty ScholarshipThe visiting faculty scholarship is awarded to an international student of PGP programme every year.No separate application required25%N/AWaiver
Need Cum Merit or Only NeedShapoorji Pallonji Tuition GrantShapoorji Pallonji sponsors a Need Cum Merit-based tuition waiver to support the meritorious PGP students, every alternate year (Class of 2022, 2024, etc.). ISB Need-cum-merit based criteria.ISB Need-cum-merit based application25%N/AWaiver
Need-basedRamesh C. Khanna Nurture India ScholarshipAmit Khanna, an alumnus of PGP Class of 2004, has instituted this need-based scholarship and it is awarded to student who is the sole earning member of her/his family. An essay needs to be submitted, based on which the donor would select the candidate. ISB Need-cum-merit based criteriaEssay and supporting documents25%N/AWaiver
Diversity or NeedIshwar Prakash Agarwal ScholarshipAlok Aggarwal, an alumnus of PGP Class of 2004, has instituted a scholarship for the differently/specially abled. If none qualifies, this scholarship will next be offered to Women returning back to work after a sabbatical/raising a family.Essay and supporting documentsN/A6Waiver
Need-basedAT&T Tuition GrantAT&T Global Network Services has instituted two tuition waiver Scholarships to the students of PGP programme of which one will be a female student. ISB Need-cum-merit based criteriaDeclaration ISB Need based application N/A5Waiver
Merit or NeedAakash Tuition GrantAakash Chaudhry, alumnus of PGP Class of 2004, has instituted a need /merit-based scholarship for PGP Programme.No seperate application requiredN/A5Waiver
Need-basedJagannath Arora ScholarshipNeeraj Arora, alumnus of PGP Class of 2006 sponsors a need-based scholarship in the name of his father Mr. Jagannath Arora. The awardee of this scholarship is known as “Jagannath Arora Scholar”. ISB Need-cum-merit based criteria.ISB Need-cum-merit based applicationN/A5Waiver
Need-basedPGPMAX Co 2012 ScholarshipSponsored by the Alumni of PGPMAX Class of 2012, this need-based scholarship is awarded to applicants coming from the social sector. The applicants will have to submit an essay on “Giving back to the society”, based on which the awardee would be selected. ISB Need-based criteria.Essay and supporting documentsN/A5Waiver
Need-basedAditya Shembekar ScholarshipAs a commemorative gesture, the alumni of PGP Class of 2013, Aditya’s family, and friends instituted a scholarship known as Aditya Shemberkar scholarship which is awarded to a student of PGP programme every year. ISB Need based criteria.ISB Need-cum-merit based applicationN/A5Waiver


Due to its international standard of education, compared to other B-schools in India, ISB has a much bigger fee structure. For the YLP Program, once you receive the offer letter, you need to pay a non-refundable admission fee of INR 1,00,000 + tax along with the acceptance of the offer. 

When you enroll in the PGP program this is the fee you need to pay for shared and studio accommodation in one instalment. 

ParticularsShared Accommodation (INR)Studio Accommodation (INR)
Admission Fee 250,000250,000
GST @ 18%45,00045,000
Total (Payable at the time of accepting the offer of admission)295,000295,000
Tuition Fee2,350,0002,350,000
Campus Accommodation278,000400,000
One time contribution for use of ISB library & recreation centre15,00015,000
Alumni Association Membership Deposit (transferable to Alumni association fund upon graduation)25,00025,000
GST @ 18% 480,240502,200
Total Fees Payable (inclusive of taxes)3,443,2403,587,200
Security Deposit (Interest-free refundable at the end of the academic year)20,00020,000
Total Amount Payable (INR)3,463,2403,607,200

ISB YLP Placements

During the first term, students will have one-on-one interaction sessions with alumni from various industries, followed by resume review workshops in subsequent terms. Additionally, they will have mock interviews by alums as placements draw nearer. Throughout the year, students will also have industry overview, career-building, resume-building, and LinkedIn profile-building workshops conducted by the Learning and Development (L&D) team at SEAL.

Students will have an integrated placement process at both the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses. The placement process happens for four months at ISB and begins with on-campus presentations and job postings. Through this, students are provided with an opportunity to learn about national and international recruiting companies.

Below are the key highlights of the ISB PGP 2022 placement.

Class size929
Offers Number2072
Average offer per student2.23 
Recruiting Companies393
Average Salary34.08 LPA

ISB PGP 2023 Class Profile

Considering that the YLP candidates go on to join the PGP program, let us explore below the class profile of ISB’s 2023 PGP.

A total of 843 people were enrolled in the program, of which 531 are male and 312 are female. Moreover, the students have work experience ranging from 0 years to more than 8 years. The majority of them, 358, have work experience of 3-5 years. The average GMAT score of the class stands at a whopping 720, while for the GRE it stands at 328, showing how well the candidates are expected to perform in the competitive exams.

  • Class size – 843
  • Gender diversity
    • 63% male
    • 37% female
  • Average GMAT: 720
  • Average GRE: 328
Work experienceNumber of candidates
0 – 3 years211
3 – 5 years358
5 – 8 years225
8 years and above50

Why YLP over other Programs?

Young, bright minds are well-prepared by the Young Leaders Program (YLP). While enrolled in an ISB PGP programme, you can explore any industry or profession or even start a business.

What benefits await in the Young Leaders Program?

Early Access to a Top Business School

The ISB YLP provides early access to one of the top business schools in India. The program is designed to identify young leaders and provide them with a pathway to the prestigious Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at the ISB. This is a significant advantage for students who aspire to pursue a career in business management, as they can gain early exposure to the business school environment and start building their network.

Comprehensive Leadership Development

The ISB YLP provides comprehensive leadership development opportunities that go beyond academic learning.

The program includes a four-week residential program at the ISB campus, where students engage in a range of leadership activities, including team-building exercises, case studies, and simulations. This helps students develop essential leadership skills, such as decision-making, problem-solving, and communication.

You are also invited to weekend learning programmes in Hyderabad or Mohali.

You are also invited to Tri-SEP which is a unique three-week entrepreneurial exchange and immersion programme for YLPs exposes you to start-up markets in three booming Asian economies.

Diverse Applicant Pool

The ISB YLP attracts a diverse pool of applicants from different academic backgrounds and geographic locations. This provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from and collaborate with peers from different cultures and perspectives. This can help students develop a global mindset and better prepare them for a career in a global business environment.

Guaranteed Admission to the PGP

Successful candidates in the ISB YLP are guaranteed admission to the prestigious PGP at the ISB, provided they meet the program’s academic and other requirements. This is a significant advantage for students who aspire to pursue a career in business management, as it gives them a competitive edge in the job market.

Strong Alumni Network

The ISB has a strong alumni network that provides students with excellent networking opportunities. The ISB YLP also has a dedicated alumni network, which allows students to connect with past YLP participants who are now successful business leaders. This can help students build relationships with industry professionals and gain insights into different career paths.

Requirements to enroll in ISB’s PGP through YLP

YLP admission guarantees PGP full-time admission at ISB under the following conditions:

  1. Finish your course the year you apply to the YLP programme or the year after.
  2. After YLP admission, complete 20 months of full-time work before 31 March of the year of PGP enrollment.
  3. You must submit the academic or experience certificate or other information requested by ISB Admissions and Financial Aid within the specified timeframe.
  4. ISB verifies your information after enrollment.
  5. Submit the following documents when enrolling in the PGP. Original academic and extracurricular certificates. ID and visa if needed

Note: The ISB admission committee can deny your PGP application if your work experience is found to be unsatisfactory or if you provide them with false information.

Final Thoughts

The ISB Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is a highly prestigious and sought-after program for students who aspire to pursue a career in business management. This two-phase program is designed to identify and nurture future leaders who have strong academic records and demonstrate leadership potential. The program offers a unique combination of academic rigor and leadership development activities, including a four-week residential program at the ISB campus, access to the extensive alumni network, and guaranteed admission to the prestigious PGP at the ISB.

However, it is important to note that the ISB YLP is highly competitive, and only the most outstanding candidates are selected for admission. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have consistently performed well academically and demonstrated a strong commitment to extracurricular activities. The admissions process involves submitting an online application form, including essays, transcripts, and recommendation letters, and participating in a rigorous interview process.

If you are a young student with a passion for business and leadership, the ISB YLP can provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to develop your skills and gain a competitive edge in the job market. With a strong track record of producing successful business leaders, the program has established itself as one of the best business management programs in India and around the world. By following this complete guide, you can increase your chances of being selected for this highly coveted program and take the first step toward achieving your career goals.


What is the full form of ISB’s YLP?

The full form of YLP is Young Leaders Programme.

What is the eligibility for applying to ISB YLP?

The ISB YLP aspirant should be in the pre-final year or final year of their undergraduate or postgraduate courses in terms of eligibility with no work experience at the time of application. There should also be no gap year between the UG and PG courses for postgraduate students.

Do you join the ISB’s flagship program i.e., PGP after getting an admit through YLP?

Yes. You will join the ISB PGP full-time MBA program once you gain the required 20 months of work experience after securing an admit through the YLP route.

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