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Embark on a journey through the Rice Jones MBA Program, where academic prowess meets career advancement and financial empowerment. This complete guide provides an in-depth look at the Class of 2025, showcasing the program’s diversity and excellence. Gain insights into the employment landscape through the robust reports of the Class of 2023. Uncover crucial application deadlines and get a clear understanding of the cost of attendance. Delve into the scholarship opportunities that make Rice Jones a leader in fostering future business leaders.

Rice Jones MBA

Rice Jones Graduate School of Business MBA Class Profile 2025


The Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University is renowned for its commitment to excellence in business education. The MBA program is known for attracting a diverse and accomplished group of individuals, creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment. The Class of 2025 reflects the school’s dedication to fostering a broad range of perspectives and experiences.

Academic Metrics

Metric3-Year Average
Average Undergraduate GPA3.46
Mid-50% GPA Range3.20-3.74
Average GMAT702
Mid-50% GMAT Range680-730
Average GRE157 Verbal, 160 Quant
Mid-50% GRE Range154-160 Verbal, 156-166 Quant

The academic metrics showcase a highly competitive cohort, with a solid average undergraduate GPA and GMAT scores. The inclusion of both GMAT and GRE scores provides flexibility for applicants with diverse academic backgrounds.


Demographic3-Year Average
Average Work Experience (in years)5.3
% US Minorities42%
% First Generation26%
% Underrepresented Minorities30%
% Female36%
% Male64%
% International42%
Consortium Members13

The diversity of the class is evident in the demographics, with a significant representation of minorities, both domestic and international students. The presence of first-generation students and a balanced gender ratio contributes to a rich and inclusive learning atmosphere.

Incoming Industry Background

Industry3-Year Average
Consumer Packaged Goods2%
Financial Services12%
Real Estate3%

The diverse industry background of the incoming class showcases the program’s ability to attract individuals from various sectors. The substantial representation from energy, technology, and financial services sectors reflects the program’s relevance to key industries.

Undergraduate Major

Undergraduate Major3-Year Average

A majority of the students in the MBA program come from STEM backgrounds, underlining the program’s appeal to individuals with strong quantitative and analytical skills. The significant representation from business and economics backgrounds contributes to a well-rounded class with diverse expertise.

Rice Jones MBA Employment Report: Class of 2023

The Class of 2023 experienced a 5% increase in the average starting salary, reaching an impressive $149,000. Furthermore, an overwhelming 99% of graduates accepted job offers in North America, showcasing the program’s strong ties to the regional business community. Notably, 70% of these job offers came from within the Rice Business community.

Key Employment Metrics

Average Starting Salary$149,000 (5% increase)
Acceptance of Job Offers in North America99%
Acceptance of Job Offers from Rice Business Community70%

Employment by Industry 

Consumer Products3.70%
Financial Services19.30%
Real Estate4.40%

Employment by Function

Business/Data Analytics3.00%
General Management4.60%
Human Resources2.10%

Consulting and Finance/Accounting emerge as the most sought-after functions, with a substantial presence in various industries. The diversified employment destinations demonstrate the program’s adaptability to different career paths.

Compensation by Industry

IndustryMean Base SalaryMedian Base Salary
Consulting Services$175,030$175,000
Consumer Products$128,400$122,000
Financial Services$162,600$175,000
Real Estate$122,500$117,500
Total Reporting$149,521$156,500

Observations: Consulting services boast the highest mean and median base salaries, reinforcing the lucrative nature of consulting roles. The comprehensive salary data indicates competitive compensation across diverse industries.

Hiring Employers

The list of hiring employers underscores the program’s strong connections with top companies across various sectors. Notable employers include A.T. Kearney, Credit Suisse, HP Inc., NRG Energy, and Triten Real Estate Partners, among others.

Key Employers:

  • A.T. Kearney
  • Credit Suisse
  • HP Inc.
  • NRG Energy
  • Triten Real Estate Partners
  • Accenture Strategy
  • CVS Health
  • HPE
  • Phillips 66
  • USAA, among others.

Multiple graduates were hired by some employers, and some employers hired graduates with non-permanent work authorization.

Application Deadlines

Full-Time MBA Application Deadlines

Decision RoundApplication DeadlineRolling Decisions Released
Round 1October 9, 2023, 11:59 PM CTStarting December 8, 2023
Round 2January 8, 2024, 11:59 PM CTStarting March 9, 2024
Round 3March 25, 2024, 11:59 PM CTStarting May 3, 2024
Round 4*May 1, 2024, 11:59 PM CTRolling basis
*Note: Round 4 is for domestic candidates only (U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents).

Consortium Application Deadlines

Decision RoundApplication DeadlineRolling Decisions Released
Round 1October 15, 2023Starting December 8, 2023
Round 2January 5, 2024Starting March 9, 2024

Cost of Rice Jones Full-Time MBA Program

CategoryAnnual Amount ($)
Full-Time MBA Tuition*$73,500
Graduate Student Association Fee$45
Student Organization Fee$8
Health & Wellness Support Fee$677
MBA Activity Fee$500
Total MBA Fees$1,230

Optional Fees

CategoryAnnual Amount ($)
Health Insurance**$3,139
Estimated Textbooks***$2,600
Parking****$250 – $1,009
*Note: Tuition is charged a flat-rate per semester and is not assessed for enrolled credits exceeding 60. Rates shown are current for Fall 2024.
**Health insurance is mandatory unless proof of alternative coverage meeting or exceeding institutional standards is provided.
***Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks each semester.
****Parking permits for the 2024-25 academic year may be purchased beginning July 1, 2024.

Rice Jones MBA Scholarships

These scholarships play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining outstanding individuals, ensuring that financial considerations do not hinder deserving candidates from pursuing a top-tier MBA education. Let’s delve into some of the key scholarships offered at Rice Jones, reflecting the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and diversity.

Endowed Opportunities

MBA Scholar$3,000,000Supports full tuition, fees, books, and living expenses. Competitive application process.
Full Named Dean’s Endowed Scholarship$2,000,000Supports full tuition and fees.
Named Scholarship$100,000Offsets student tuition. New student selected annually.
Sonnenberg Scholars Fund$10,000+Supports tuition for exceptional students through the two-year MBA program.

Endowed scholarships at Rice Jones not only cover tuition but also address additional expenses, fostering a holistic approach to financial support. The competitive application process for the MBA Scholar highlights the school’s commitment to identifying and empowering future leaders.

Current Use Funds

Named Scholarships$10,000+Fully distributed over an agreed time period. May cover full tuition and fees. Supports student(s) until funds are exhausted.

Current Use Scholarships demonstrate flexibility, providing support over a defined period and potentially covering the entire cost of tuition and fees. This approach allows the school to adapt its financial support to the evolving needs of students.

Application and Impact

The scholarships at Rice Jones are not just financial aids; they are investments in leadership, excellence, and diversity. The competitive and spotlighted application process ensures that recipients are not only academically accomplished but also possess the leadership skills necessary to make a positive impact on the business school community and beyond.

Recipients of the scholarships are expected to leverage their leadership abilities during their time at the school, contributing to the vibrant academic and social fabric of Rice Jones. The scholarships, therefore, serve as catalysts for the development of future business leaders who will drive positive change in their communities and industries.

Final Thoughts

As you navigate the intricate landscape of the Rice Jones MBA Program, it becomes evident that this institution is not just a place of learning but a dynamic ecosystem where students thrive academically and professionally. The Class of 2025 represents a tapestry of diverse talents, while the employment reports for the Class of 2023 highlight the program’s success in propelling graduates toward successful careers. With a clear understanding of application deadlines, cost of attendance, and available scholarships, aspiring students can confidently chart their course toward a transformative MBA experience at Rice University.

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