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Stanford Business School is one of the most widely known business schools in California and across the globe. It has a long history of giving its students a world-class business education and empowering them with a unique set of skills that further enable them to flourish in the corporate world.

Stanford GSB

If you are looking to find out more about Stanford Business School’s MBA program, then look no further. This article will provide you with in-depth knowledge of Stanford’s class profile for 2024 and class of 2022 employment data, such as the top industries, job locations, post-MBA employers, and median salaries.

Moreover, we will discuss the job prospects of the full-time Stanford 2022 MBA class by combining data from the school directly with our own research on the job prospects for Stanford MBA graduates.

General information on Stanford GSB

Location: 655 Knight Way Stanford, CA 94305 USA

Dean: Jonathan Levin

Admissions Office:

MBA Admissions Office, McClelland Bldg, 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305-7298, USA

Phone: +1 (650) 723-2766

Fax: +1 (650) 725-7831


Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

Stanford MBA – By the numbers

Let us dive into a few important statistics about Stanford’s recent MBA class of 2024

Applications Received6152
Class Size424
Average GMAT Score737
GMAT Range630-790
Median GRE Score327
GRE Range300-340
Average TOEFL Score 113
TOEFL Range106-119
Average GPA3.76
Work Experience (Average)4.9 years
Tuition Cost for a Single Person$73,440
Percentage of students that received a job offer95%
Median Base Salary$175,000
Median Signing Bonus$30,000
Median Performance Bonus$30,000

Now, let’s study in depth the 2024 class of Stanford Business School:

Stanford MBA class profile 2024


stanford mba class of 2024 applications

Of the 6,152 people who applied to the Stanford MBA Program in 2024, the school decided to go with 424 of them. This means that Stanford accepted 6.89% of its applications.

Applications Received by Stanford – 6,152

Total Enrolled – 424

Enrolment rate – 6.89%


stanford mba class of 2024 diversity

Every business school cares highly about maintaining and encouraging diversity within its ranks. With their 2024 class, Stanford has managed to achieve a great diverse class. 44% of its MBA 2024 class is female and 37% of its students are international residents stemming from 56 different countries.

% Women in the Stanford class of 2024 – 44%

% International students in the Stanford class of 2024 – 37%

Test Scores and GPA

stanford mba class of 2024 gmat gre toefl

Stanford has some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Hence, understandably their GPA and test scores are significantly higher than many other schools. The average GPA of the Stanford class of 2024 is 3.76. The school does not differentiate between GMAT and GRE and has no minimum score for its applicants. 67% of its class submitted GMAT scores while the other 33% applied with GRE scores. The class’s average GMAT score is 737, its average GRE score is 327.

Average GPA – 3.76

GMAT Score

  • Average GMAT – 737
  • GMAT Range – 630-790

GRE Score

  • Average GRE – 327
  • GRE Range – 300-340

Undergraduate Major

Among the Stanford class of 2024, more than half the students, i.e., 54% have a background in STEM programs. 40% of the class has a background in Business (40%), and the remaining 6% have a background in Humanities.

stanford mba class of 2024 undergraduate degree

The details are as below:

Undergraduate MajorPercentage of Stanford MBA class of 2024
Social Sciences20%

Pre-MBA industry of Stanford MBA class of 2024

The students of the Stanford MBA class of 2024 have in total represented 285 organizations. With an average work experience of 4.9 years, 20% of the class has a background in Consulting, while another 20% has a background in Investment. 15% of the class also had a Technology background.

stanford mba class of 2024 pre mba experience

More details are in the table below:

Pre-MBA industry% Of Stanford MBA class of 2024
Consumer Products & Services7%
Financial Services4%

MBA Application Deadlines

The application dates for the MBA Class of 2025 (incoming class of 2023) are

Application RoundDeadlineDecisions
Round 1 13 Sep 2022 08 Dec 2022
Round 2 05 Jan 2023 30 Mar 2023
Round 3 11 Apr 2023 25 May 2023

Now that you are familiar with the educational and industry background of the 2024 class of Stanford GSB, you may have a better idea as to how you compare against them. For an admit into Stanford’s MBA program, it is important to try and match or exceed these numbers. 

Let us now dive into the post-graduation compensation of Stanford MBA students.

Stanford MBA Employment Statistics – Class of 2022

The Stanford class of 2022 received a median base salary of $175,000.

Below are the details:

Median Base Salary – $175,000

93% received an offer within 3 months of graduating

Employment by Industry

33% of the 2022 Stanford MBA class found themselves employed in Finance. And another 30% found themselves a job in the field of Technology, while 15 % went on to pursue a career in Consulting.

More details are in the below table.

Industry% Stanford class of 2024 hired
Consumer Product 2%
Media and Entertainment5%
Real Estate2%

Stanford MBA Median Salary by Industry

IndustryMedian SalaryMedian Performance BonusMedian Signing Bonus
Finance$200,000$150,000 $50,000
Consulting$190,000$35,000 $30,000 
Technology$163,750$23,500 $20,000
Consumer Product NANANA
Media and Entertainment$155,000$13,500 $25,000 
Real EstateNANANA

Employment by function

34% of the 2022 Stanford MBA class found employment in Finance, followed by 23% in General Management, and 22% in Marketing or sales.

More details are below.

Function% Stanford class of 2024 hired
General Management23%
Marketing or Sales22%

Stanford MBA Median Salary by function

FunctionMedian SalaryMedian Performance BonusMedian Signing Bonus
Finance$200,000$150,000 $45,000
General Management$165,000$29,850$20,000
Marketing or Sales$165,000$25,000 $20,000 
Others$142,500NA $25,000 

Employment by Location

Majority (96%) of the Stanford MBA class of 2022 were employed by companies in North America. Within the US, the West saw the highest percentage of employment with 58%, while Northeast saw the employment of 26% of the students.

More details are below:


    United States – 96%

    International – 5%

(Figure may not total 100% due to rounding)

United States

  • Mid-Atlantic – 3%
  • Midwest – 3%
  • Northeast – 26%
  • South – 2%
  • Southwest – 3%
  • West – 58%


  • Asia – 1%
  • Europe – 3%
  • Latin American and the Caribbean – 1% 

Salaries by location

United States$175,000
Rest of the world$150,000

Stanford MBA – Cost of Attendance


CostSingle StudentMarried Student
Living Allowance$36,198$60,084
Books and Supplies$1,755$1,755
Materials and Program Fee$900$900
Medical Insurance$6,768$6,768
Health Fee$723$723


CostSingle StudentMarried Student
Living Allowance$36,198$60,084
Books and Supplies$1,755$1,755
Materials and Program Fee$900$900
Medical Insurance$6,768$6,768
Health Fee$723$723

Stanford MBA Scholarships

At Stanford, all MBA students, regardless of where they come from and which country they are citizens of, are eligible for financial assistance.

Stanford GSB can help you fund your MBA through a combination of student loans and generous fellowship awards. Fellowships are offered to those with demonstrated need.

Need-Based Aid

The Stanford MBA Program admission is ‘need-blind’. This means that they do not consider your personal resources for financing your education in their admission decisions.

All the students admitted will solely be based on skills such as significant leadership potential, intellectual vitality, and other personal qualities which will in turn enhance the MBA class. The admission decisions will not take into consideration the way a student plans to finance their MBA Degree — those decisions are made once the student submits a financial aid application.

Stanford GSB Need-Based Fellowships

Fellowships are gifts from our community that do not have to be repaid. Stanford GSB fellowships are awarded based solely on your demonstrated financial need. Approximately half of Stanford MBA students receive fellowship funds. The average Stanford GSB fellowship is approximately $42,000 per year or $84,000 in total awards.

How does Stanford perceive ‘Need’?

Need is calculated on a specific basis by the school, as below:

Cost of attendance of the Stanford MBA Program – Assets and income – Contributions from parents, friends, and/or employers – External fellowships and scholarships = Financial aid need

Stanford GSB BOLD Fellows Fund

The mission of the Building Opportunities for Leadership Diversity (BOLD) Fellows Fund is to further Stanford University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by augmenting Stanford GSB’s financial aid for MBA students with financial hardship and a commitment to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program

Knight-Hennessy Scholars cultivates and supports a highly engaged, multidisciplinary, and multicultural community of graduate students from across Stanford University, and delivers a diverse collection of educational experiences, preparing graduates to address complex challenges facing the world

Each year, Knight-Hennessy Scholars selects up to 100 students who are newly enrolling in a graduate degree program in any of Stanford’s seven schools. Knight-Hennessy Scholars participate in an experiential leadership development program and receive funding for up to three years of graduate study at Stanford. 

Candidates from any country may apply. Candidates must submit two applications to be considered; one to Knight-Hennessy Scholars and one to the graduate degree program by its deadline. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars application to join the 2022 cohort closes on 12 October 2022 at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

Final Thoughts

Getting an MBA from Stanford GSB is a dream for most MBA applicants. Stanford GSB is one of the leading business schools in the world, so getting into it can be hard. Even though there is no foolproof method to ensure admission to Stanford GSB, you can improve your chances significantly by working diligently on your application. We can help you get into Stanford GSB. Our consultants include Stanford GSB alumni who will give you the most accurate advice and guidance you’ll need to get into GSB. So, get started now.

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