UVA Darden School of Business MBA Program – A Complete Overview



Embarking on an MBA journey is a transformative decision, and the University of Virginia Darden School of Business stands as a beacon for those seeking excellence, diversity, and innovation in their education. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the core aspects of the UVA Darden MBA Program, exploring the dynamic class profile, employment reports showcasing salaries across industries, functions, and geographies, application deadlines, the intricacies of the cost of attendance, and the enticing scholarship opportunities that make Darden a hub of educational and career advancement.

UVA Darden MBA

General Information on UVA Darden MBA

Location – 100 Darden Boulevard, Charlottesville, VA 22903 USA

Dean – Scott C. Beardsley

Admissions Office –100 Darden Boulevard, Charlottesville, VA 22903 USA

Phone: +1-434-924-3900

Email: darden@virginia.edu

Social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr

Darden MBA – By the numbers

Here are a few important statistics for the latest class i.e. class of 2025 of UVA Darden

Class Size352
Median GMAT Score710
GMAT Range (Middle 80%)680-750
Median GRE Score322
GRE Range309-333
Average GPA3.51
Work Experience (Average)5.3 years
Tuition Cost for a Single Person (first year of the 2-year MBA)$75,600 
Percentage of students that received a job offer94%
Average Base Salary$167,899
Average Signing Bonus$37,588

Now, let’s take a look in detail at the latest incoming class i.e., the class of 2025 of UVA Darden.

UVA Darden MBA Class Profile 2025

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business has unveiled its MBA Class Profile for the year 2025, showcasing a cohort of 352 students who bring a rich tapestry of experiences, backgrounds, and achievements. The data reflects a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and academic excellence. Let’s delve into the key statistics that define the UVA Darden MBA Class of 2025:

Demographic Overview

Class Size352
U.S. Minority14%
Military Service Members14%
First Generation College Students21%
Dual Degree6%
Consortium Members27
Have Studied Abroad27%
Hold Advanced Degrees17%
Languages Spoken67
Countries Represented33

Academic Achievements

CategoryGREGMATUndergraduate GPA
Middle 80% Range309 – 333680 – 750

Professional Background

CategoryAverage Years of Work Experience
Years of Work Experience5.9

Pre-MBA Industries

Financial Services22%
Real Estate3%
Consumer Packaged Goods6%

The UVA Darden MBA Class of 2025 is a dynamic and accomplished group, embodying the school’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and globally-minded learning environment. The diverse range of experiences and perspectives brought by the students ensures a rich and vibrant academic community, setting the stage for transformative learning and impactful contributions to the business world and beyond.

UVA Darden MBA Application Deadlines

Application Deadline7 September 20234 October 20234 January 2024
Decision Release18 October20236 December 202313 March 2024

UVA Darden MBA Employment Report

The UVA Darden School of Business has released its MBA Employment Report for the Class of 2023, highlighting impressive placement statistics and lucrative compensation packages. The data reflects the success of Darden graduates across various industries, functions, and global regions.

Key Compensation Figures

Average Base Salary$167,899
Median Base Salary$175,000
Average Signing Bonus$37,588
Median Signing Bonus$30,000
Percentage with Job Offer (3 months)96%
International Students Job Offer Rate94%

Top Hiring Companies

Darden’s Full-Time MBA Class of 2023 saw graduates securing positions with top-tier companies, including:

  • Amazon
  • Bain & Company
  • BCG The Boston Consulting Group
  • EY-Parthenon
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • McKinsey & Company
  • PwC/Strategy&

Salary Insights by Industry

IndustryNumber of Darden GraduatesGraduates PercentageMean Base SalaryMedian Base Salary
Consumer Packaged Goods82.6%$117,713$117,500
Financial Services8226.2%$167,573$175,000
Healthcare (Including Products and Services)113.5%$127,163$125,000
Real Estate51.6%$150,200$150,000
Transportation and Logistics Services10.3%V/DI/D
Total Reporting313100%$167,899$175,000


  • Consulting Dominance: Consulting stands out as the leading industry for graduates, with the highest percentage of acceptance (46.3%) and robust mean and median base salaries.
  • Diverse Industry Representation: The graduates have found roles in a diverse set of industries, ranging from Consumer Packaged Goods and Financial Services to Real Estate and Technology.
  • Healthcare and Manufacturing Involvement: Though relatively smaller percentages, graduates have found roles in Healthcare and Manufacturing, showcasing the program’s versatility in preparing professionals for various sectors.
  • Non-Profit and Education Engagement: While a smaller percentage, the involvement in Non-Profit/Education reflects the commitment of Darden graduates to making a positive impact beyond traditional corporate settings.
  • Technology Sector Appeal: The Technology sector, with a 10.5% representation, demonstrates its ongoing appeal for MBA graduates, with competitive mean and median base salaries.
  • Transportation and Logistics: While only a single data point, the representation in Transportation and Logistics Services signifies diversity in industry choices.
  • Other Category Exceptional Earnings: The “Other” category boasts the highest mean and median base salaries, indicating potentially high-paying opportunities in less conventional sectors.

Compensation by Professional Function

Professional FunctionGraduates Accepting New EmploymentGraduates Reporting SalaryMean Base SalaryMedian Base Salary
General Management3636$143,557$145,000
Human Resources33$146,000$143,000
Information Technology1212$161,613$169,000
Total Reporting313307$167,899$175,000


  • Consulting Dominance: Consulting stands out as the most popular professional function among Darden graduates, with 46.3% of them accepting new employment in this field. The mean and median base salaries for consulting are notably high, reflecting the lucrative nature of consulting roles.
  • Finance/Accounting Strength: Finance and accounting also attract a significant portion of Darden graduates, comprising 26.2% of those accepting new employment. The mean and median base salaries in this category are competitive, showcasing the financial prowess of Darden alumni.
  • Diverse Career Paths: The data reveals a diverse array of career paths chosen by Darden graduates, ranging from general management and human resources to marketing/sales and information technology. This diversity emphasizes the versatility of a Darden MBA.
  • Competitive Compensation in Other: The “Other” category, which includes various professional functions, boasts the highest mean and median base salaries among the reported functions. Although the sample size is smaller, it indicates that graduates pursuing alternative career paths can achieve impressive compensation packages.
  • Strong Overall Compensation: The total reporting for all professional functions indicates a robust mean base salary of $167,899 and a median base salary of $175,000, showcasing the overall strength of Darden graduates’ compensation packages across diverse functions.

Compensation by Region: North America and World Region Summary

RegionGraduates Accepting New EmploymentGraduates Reporting SalaryMean Base SalaryMedian Base Salary
North America305300$169,453$175,000
– Mid-Atlantic7170$169,856$175,000
– Midwest2525$158,708$175,000
– Northeast102100$169,625$175,000
– South4039$169,791$175,000
– Southwest3433$179,518$190,000
– West3333$165,756$169,100
World Region Summary313307$167,899$175,000
– Asia44$111,560$114,287
– Europe1I/DV/DV/D
– Latin America & Caribbean21V/DV/D
– Oceania1I/DV/DV/D


  • Regional Variances in North America: The salary data for North America reveals notable regional differences. Graduates in the Southwest command the highest mean base salary, reaching $179,518, while the Midwest reports a slightly lower mean base salary at $158,708. The highest median base salary is observed in the Southwest at $190,000.
  • Global Comparisons: The World Region Summary indicates that the majority of graduates accepting new employment and reporting salary information are from North America (97.4%). Asia stands out with a mean base salary of $111,560, while Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean have fewer data points (I/D), making it challenging to draw comprehensive conclusions about these regions.
  • Confidentiality Measures: The presence of “I/D” (Fewer than three data points) in Europe and Oceania highlights the confidentiality measures employed by the Career Center to protect individual compensation information. This ensures that reported data reflects a sufficiently robust sample size.
  • Uniformity in North America: The mean and median base salaries for the entire North America region are quite uniform, with the mean base salary at $169,453 and the median base salary at $175,000. This suggests a consistent level of compensation across different areas within North America.
  • Limited Data for Africa: No outcomes are reported for Africa, indicating a potential lack of sufficient data points or a low number of graduates reporting from this region.

UVA Darden MBA – Cost of Attendance

For prospective students considering the UVA Darden MBA program, understanding the cost of attendance is crucial for effective financial planning. The Class of 2025 can utilize the detailed breakdown of expenses to make informed decisions about their investment in this prestigious program. Let’s explore the cost of attendance for the academic year 2023-2024 for Virginia Domicile, Non-Virginia Domicile, and International students.

Cost of Attendance Breakdown

Expense CategoryVirginia DomicileNon-Virginia DomicileInternational Students
Tuition & Fees$75,600$78,600$78,800
Darden MBA Case Fees$1,100$1,100$1,100
Aetna Student Health Insurance*$3,673$3,673$3,673
Miscellaneous Personal Living Expenses**$3,800$3,800$3,800
Federal Loan Fees***$2,108$2,108
Total Cost of Attendance$108,951$111,951$112,243
*Note: Only students enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan will be billed for this expense.
**The figures for room, board, and miscellaneous personal living expenses are for the 9 months enrolled in classes.
***Federal loan fees are only included for borrowers of Federal loans.

Key Observations

  1. Tuition and Fees: Non-Virginia Domicile and International students incur slightly higher tuition and fees compared to Virginia Domicile students. This reflects the state-supported benefits for residents.
  2. Health Insurance: Health insurance costs remain consistent across all categories, emphasizing the importance of student well-being.
  3. Living Expenses: Room, board, and miscellaneous personal living expenses are uniform for all students during the 9 months of enrollment, promoting equality in essential living costs.
  4. Transportation: International students face higher transportation costs, likely reflecting the additional expenses associated with travel to and from their home countries.
  5. Federal Loan Fees: Only students taking Federal loans have Federal loan fees included, reinforcing the transparency in detailing specific costs for borrowers.

UVA Darden MBA Scholarships

Darden wants to be a business school that everyone can access easily. They offer scholarships to talented students from all around the world and from different backgrounds. This helps them build a diverse and inclusive community, which is very important to Darden.

In the last five years, Darden has increased the number and types of scholarships they offer. This is a priority for Darden’s capital campaign, Powered by Purpose.

Darden has many scholarships based on merit. They decide who gets these scholarships during the admissions process after you’ve submitted your complete application. You don’t need to apply separately. They consider things like your academic abilities, achievements in your professional and personal life, and how you can contribute to the community. If you’re selected, they’ll let you know when they tell you their decision about your admission. These scholarships can range from a small amount to covering all your tuition and fees. They want to recognize your experience and invest in your future.

Apart from these merit scholarships, there are other opportunities for scholarships:

  1. Competitive Darden Scholarships: These are for students who show leadership skills and have high potential in different areas. Some of these might need an extra application process.
  2. External Partner Organization Scholarships: These are offered by organizations outside Darden, like foundations and partnerships.
  3. AccessDarden: This is a need-based scholarship program. They give grants to qualified students based on their financial needs.
  4. Batten Foundation Darden Worldwide Scholarship Program: This covers the program fee for every Full-Time MBA student who wants to attend a global course.

So, if you’re considering Darden, various scholarship opportunities await you!

Final Thoughts

As we conclude this comprehensive overview of the UVA Darden MBA Program, it becomes evident that Darden is not merely an educational institution but a transformative experience. The robust class profile fosters diversity and collaboration, while the detailed employment reports provide a roadmap to lucrative career paths. Understanding application deadlines, cost of attendance, and available scholarships ensures aspiring students are equipped to make informed decisions about their academic and professional future. The UVA Darden MBA Program, with its commitment to excellence, emerges as a formidable choice for those ready to embark on a journey of growth and success in the world of business.

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