USC Marshall School of Business is one of the top business schools in the United States. It is located in Los Angeles, California and is part of the University of Southern California. The school offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in business and related fields. Some of the programs offered by USC Marshall include the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the Master of Business Administration (MBA), and the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. The school is known for its strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, and it has a number of centers and institutes dedicated to these areas. Additionally, USC Marshall has a strong alumni network and offers a range of career services to help its students and graduates succeed in the job market.

General Information on USC Marshall School of Business

Location – 3670 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA 90089, United States

Dean – Geoffrey Garrett

Phone: +1 213-740-6548


Social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn,

USC Marshall  MBA – By the numbers

Here are a few important statistics for the latest class i.e. class of 2024 of the USC Marshall School of Business

Class Size190
Average GMAT Score732
Average GRE Score321
Average GPA3.58
Work Experience (Average)66 months
Tuition Cost for a Single Person$112,072 (2 years)

Now, let’s look in detail at the latest incoming class profile i.e., class of 2024 of USC Marshall School of Business.

USC Marshall  MBA class profile 2024


190 candidates enrolled in USC Marshall’s MBA class of 2024.


Business Schools care a lot about maintaining diversity in the class. 46% of the USC Marshall class of 2024 is female and 41% of students are international citizens.

  • % women in the USC Marshall class of 2024 – 31%
  • % international students in the USC Marshall class of 2024 – 56%

Test Scores and GPA

USC Marshall School of Business is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. So, it’s quite understandable that the GPA and test scores will be on the higher side. The average GPA of the USC Marshall class of 2024 is 3.58, and the average GMAT score is 732 and the average GRE score is 321.

Average GPA – 3.58

GMAT Score

  • Average GMAT – 732

GRE Score

  • Average GRE – 321
  • Average GRE Verbal – 160
  • Average GRE Quant – 161

Undergraduate Major

48% of USC Marshall class of 2024 have a background in Engineering followed by 21% in Business/Commerce and 16% in Economics.

Undergraduate Major

More details are in the table below:

Undergraduate MajorPercentage of USC Marshall class of 2024
Engineering/Computer Science25%
Social Sciences10%

Pre-MBA industry of USC Marshall  MBA class of 2024

Every student in the USC Marshall class of 2024 has some work experience. The average work experience is 5.8 years. 19% of the USC Marshall class of 2024 has a background in Financial Services followed by Technology (14%) and Consulting (10%). 

Pre MBA industry

More details are in the table below:

Pre-MBA industry% of USC Marshall class of 2024
Financial Services19%
Health Care13%
Consumer Packaged Goods4%
Real Estate6%
Transportation & Logistics1%

MBA Application Deadlines

The application dates for the MBA Class of 2025 (incoming class of 2023) are

Application RoundDeadlineDecisions
Round 1Oct 15, 2022Dec 31, 2022
Round 2Jan 5, 2023Mar 31, 2023
Round 3Mar 1, 2023May 15, 2023
Round 4Apr 15, 2023June 15, 2023

Now that you know the education and industry background of the latest class of USC Marshall School of Business, you must have an idea of where you stand compared to them. To get into USC Marshall School of Business try to match or exceed these numbers. Now, let’s take a look at the compensation that USC Marshall MBA students get after they graduate.

USC Marshall MBA employment statistics – Class of 2022

The USC Marshall School of Business class of 2022 received an average base salary of $150,314 and an average signing bonus of $37,218.

Here are the details:

  • Average Base Salary – $150,314
  • Average signing bonus – $37,218
  • 97% received an offer within 3 months of graduating

Employment by Industry

29% of the USC Marshall MBA Class of 2022 found employment in Technology followed by 21% in Consulting, and 20% in Financial Services. 

More details are in the below table.

Industry% USC Marshall class of 2022
Financial Services20%
Entertainment/Interactive Gaming10%
Consumer Packaged Goods5%
Real Estate3%

Average Salary by Industry

Candidates finding employment in Consulting received the highest average salary of $169,559. Candidates who found a job in Financial Services received a median salary of $158,600. 

More details are in the following table.

IndustryAverage Base SalaryBase Salary Range
Technology$145,821$120,000 – $165,000
Consulting$169,559$150,000 – $175,000
Financial Services$158,600$90,000 – $185,000
Entertainment/Interactive Gaming$119,889$95,000 – $145,000
Healthcare$126,143$106,000 – $135,000
Consumer Packaged Goods$112,600$100,000 – $117,000
Real Estate$128,667$100,000 – $146,000

Employment by Function

29% of the USC Marshall MBA Class of 2022 found employment in Marketing/Sales, followed by 28% in Finance, and 25% in Consulting.

More details are below.

Product Management10%
Product Marketing Management5%
Brand Management4%
Business Development2%
Program Management2%
Investment Banking9%
Corporate Finance6%
Private Equity/Venture Capital6%
Private Wealth Management3%
Investment Management2%
Management Consulting18%
Strategic Planning/Internal5%
Consulting – Technology2%
Program Management4%
Leadership Development5%
Real Estate3%
General Management/HR2%

Median Salary by function

USC Marshall class of 2022 students who found employment in Consulting received the highest median salaries of $165,000 followed by Finance ($140,000), and Marketing ($136,600).

FunctionAverage Base SalaryBase Salary Range
Marketing/Sales$133,208$92,000 – $165,000
Product Management$141,429$95,000 – $165,000
Product Marketing Management$138,125$117,000 – $154,000
Brand Management$116,600$112,000 – $125,000
Business Development$110,000$92,000 – $138,000
Program Management$145,750$138,000 – $154,000
Finance$153,188$90,000 – $205,000
Investment Banking$174,615$165,000 – $185,000
Corporate Finance$136,875$106,000 – $156,000
Private Equity/Venture Capital$134,166$90,000 – $205,000
Private Wealth Management$148,333$125,000 – $160,000
Consulting$169,211$130,000 – $205,000
Management Consulting$169,333$150,000 – $175,000
Strategic Planning/Internal$167,000$130,000 – $205,000
Consulting – Technology$171,667$170,000 – $175,000
Operations/Logistics$133,545$110,000 – $154,000
Program Management$138,500$122,000 – $154,000
Leadership Development$156,125$154,000 – $165,000

Salaries by Region

Geographic RegionPercentAverage Base SalaryBase Salary Range
California81%$150,746$90,000 – $205,000
Southern California60%$150,879$90,000 – $205,000
Northern California21%$156,479$122,000 – $175,000
West (excluding California)6%$152,298$120,000 – $154,000
Northeast7%$162,667$130,000 – $185,000
Southwest4%$137,200$120,000 – $165,000
U.S.99%$150,602$90,000 – $205,000

Employment Trend

employment trend USC Marshall MBA

Top Hiring Companies

  • Amazon 
  • Mattel
  • Amgen, Inc. 
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Apple 
  • Meta
  • Cisco Systems 
  • NBCUniversal
  • Deloitte 
  • PwC
  • Electronic Arts (EA) 
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • EY 
  • Salesforce
  • Goldman Sachs 
  • Tic Toc Games
  • Google 
  • Transom Consulting Group
  • Houlihan Lokey 
  • Verizon
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Western Digital
  • L.E.K. Consulting 
  • ZS Associates

Cost of Attendance

University Fees$928
Health Insurance$2,812
Room, Board, Misc.$21,410
Books and Supplies$1,450

USC Marshall Scholarships

All admitted applicants are considered for merit-based scholarship opportunities, and candidates are informed of the scholarship decision at the point of admission. The assessment criteria are the same as those used for the admissions decision but at a more competitive level. There is no separate application process for these scholarship awards.

There are two additional scholarship opportunities that exist:

Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM) Fellowships

Candidates who are able to demonstrate a commitment to the CGSM mission can apply for both CGSM membership and a CGSM Fellowship through a separate application process. Candidates applying through the CCGM should apply using the CGSM application and not the Marshall application. Please visit the following website for more details:

For more information, please reach out to our staff liaison, Elaine Padilla, at

Schoen Family Scholarship Program for Veterans

Newly admitted Full-Time MBA students may apply for this specific opportunity. Candidates must meet the following criteria for application eligibility:

  • Candidate must have received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces; and
  • Candidate must have served a minimum of three years of continuous, full-time, activity duty in the last 10 years.

For more information please reach out to our staff liaison, Nirav Mehta, at

Please visit the USC Student Financial Aid website to inquire about Federal Stafford Loans and other loan options. International students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid, which includes Stafford and Perkins loans. However, international students may qualify for private loans if they have a U.S. co-signer. Additional helpful links include:

USC is a participant of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program. Visit the USC Office of Veteran Affairs for more information.

Final Thoughts

Most MBA applicants dream of getting an MBA from USC Marshall School of Business. USC Marshall School of Business is one of the best business schools in the world, so getting into it can be hard. Even though there is no foolproof method to ensure admission to USC Marshall, you can improve your chances significantly by working diligently on your application. We can help you get into USC Marshall School of Business. Our consultants include USC Marshall alumni who will give you the most accurate advice and guidance you’ll need to get into USC Marshall. So, get started now.

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