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The competition for admission to top-tier business schools in the US and Europe is fierce, with highly qualified candidates vying for limited spots. In this highly competitive landscape, the role of a good MBA admissions consultant becomes paramount. Hiring an experienced consultant with a proven track record can make a world of difference in navigating the complex and rigorous MBA admissions process. So, how do you identify the best MBA admissions consultant for you?

Best MBa admissions consultant

We’ll answer this question in this article. We’ll talk about what factors to consider before choosing an MBA admissions consultant, what makes Admit Expert, the best MBA admissions consultant, and share stories from our successful candidates.

What factors should you assess before choosing an MBA admissions consultant?

There are 4 factors that you should definitely assess before choosing an MBA admissions consultant. These 4 factors will definitely make this firm one of the best MBA admissions consultants:


An essential factor in determining the reliability of an MBA admissions consultant is their expertise. Admitting consultants with a strong background in prestigious business schools ensures that they possess firsthand knowledge of the admissions process. Here are two key aspects that establish their expertise:

  1. Top Business School Alumni: A reliable MBA admissions consultant often comprises consultants who are alumni of renowned business schools. By having graduated from these institutions, they have firsthand experience of the application process, the academic rigor, and the overall culture of these schools. This intimate understanding allows them to provide valuable insights and guidance to applicants, enhancing their chances of success.
  1. Extensive Admissions Consulting Experience: Alongside their academic credentials, a reliable consultant should have substantial experience in admissions consulting. This experience allows them to navigate the complexities of the application process, understand the evolving trends in MBA admissions, and provide strategic guidance to applicants. Consultants with a proven track record of successfully guiding candidates to top business schools demonstrate their ability to deliver results.

Structured Process

An effective and well-defined process is another distinguishing feature of the best MBA admissions consultants. This process should encompass comprehensive support throughout the application journey, including the following elements:

This process should encompass comprehensive support throughout the application journey, including the following elements:

  • Profile Evaluation: A thorough evaluation of the applicant’s profile is essential to identify strengths, weaknesses, and unique attributes. This evaluation helps create a strategic plan for presenting the applicant’s profile in the most compelling manner.
  • Strategic Planning: A consultant should assist in developing a personalized strategy for selecting target schools, highlighting the applicant’s experiences and achievements, and positioning the application to align with each school’s values and requirements.
  • Essay Editing and Review: The consultant should provide expert guidance in crafting powerful and impactful essays. This includes reviewing and editing essays to ensure clarity, cohesiveness, and effective storytelling.
  • Interview Preparation: The consultant should offer interview preparation, including mock interviews, feedback, and guidance on how to effectively communicate strengths and experiences during the interview process.

School Specific Mentors

A distinguishing characteristic of a top MBA admissions consultant is the provision of experienced school-specific mentors. These mentors are assigned to applicants based on the specific business schools they are targeting. The mentorship program offers several advantages, including:

  • School-Specific Insights: Each business school has its unique culture, values, and requirements. A top consultant assigns school-specific mentors who possess in-depth knowledge of the schools’ applicants are applying to. These mentors provide valuable insights, ensuring applicants tailor their applications to the specific expectations of each institution.
  • Personalized Guidance: Mentors work closely with applicants, offering personalized guidance and feedback throughout the application process. They help applicants showcase their strengths, address weaknesses, and highlight experiences that resonate with the values of the target schools.


The testimonials of successful candidates serve as a testament to the expertise and effectiveness of an MBA admissions consultant. A top consultant can provide:

Verified Testimonials: Testimonials should be sourced from reputable review websites like gmatclub, ensuring their authenticity. Verification adds credibility and demonstrates that the consultant has a proven track record of success.

Mentioned Profiles: A significant number of profiles should be mentioned in the testimonials to showcase the breadth and depth of the consultant’s successful engagements. This indicates that the consultant has helped numerous applicants secure admission to their desired business schools.

What makes Admit Expert the best MBA admissions consultant?

Admit Expert sets itself apart as the best MBA admissions consultant through its unique and highly effective 3-layer system. This system, carefully designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance, ensures that every applicant receives personalized attention throughout the MBA admissions process. 

Let’s delve into the components of Admit Expert’s three-layer system:

Lead Consultant

At Admit Expert, each applicant is paired with a highly experienced lead consultant who serves as their primary point of contact and mentor.

These lead consultants are not only admissions experts but also alumni of top business schools themselves.

Their firsthand knowledge and insights into the admissions process, gained through their successful personal experiences, make them invaluable guides.

Your lead consultant will work closely with you, taking the time to understand your unique profile, goals, and aspirations.

They will provide individualized advice, mentorship, and support at every step of your application journey.

With their expertise, you can navigate the complexities of the admissions process and present a compelling application that stands out among the competition.

School-Specific Mentors

Admit Expert recognizes that each business school has its own distinct culture, values, and requirements.

To address this, they provide applicants with school-specific mentors who are experts in the particular institutions they are applying to.

For example, if you are applying to five different business schools, you will have five dedicated school mentors on your team, each possessing in-depth knowledge of their respective schools.

These mentors have a deep understanding of the unique expectations of each institution and can guide you in tailoring your application to align with their specific requirements and values.

By leveraging their expertise, you can craft applications that resonate strongly with each target school, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Project and Quality Assurance Manager

Admit Expert is committed to ensuring smooth operations and maintaining the highest quality standards for applications.

To achieve this, they have dedicated Project and Quality Assurance Managers overseeing the entire process.

These experienced consultants play a pivotal role in managing timelines, coordinating with your lead consultant and school mentors, and ensuring that all applications meet Admit Expert’s rigorous quality standards.

Their expertise and attention to detail ensure that your applications are of the utmost quality, compelling, and submitted within the specified deadlines.

By having dedicated managers overseeing the process, Admit Expert ensures efficiency, accountability, and a seamless experience for applicants.

3 layer system

By implementing this three-layer system, Admit Expert provides applicants with a comprehensive support structure that combines personalized guidance, school-specific expertise, and rigorous quality assurance.

This system ensures that every aspect of your MBA admissions journey is addressed with utmost care and attention.

With Admit Expert’s support, you can navigate the intricate admissions process with confidence, knowing that you have a team of experts by your side, committed to your success.

Additionally, Admit Expert’s three-layer system is backed by a proven track record of success.

Numerous MBA candidates have benefited from their expertise and guidance, gaining admission to top business schools in the US and Europe.

These successful candidates have not only secured their spots but have also received significant scholarships totaling over $600,000. This tangible outcome further solidifies Admit Expert’s position as the best MBA admissions consultant in the industry.

Moreover, we have a perfect rating from our candidates on gmatclub reviews.

gmat cub reviews for admit expert

This brings us to the last factor ‘Proven Track Record’ that makes any admissions consultant the best in the industry.

Proven Track Record (Testimonials)

Admit Expert has a proven track record of helping numerous candidates secure admission to top business schools with impressive scholarship amounts totaling over $600,000.

Some of the successful candidates who have benefited from Admit Expert’s guidance include:

Rushang Gupta
Rushang got into NYU Stern with 100% Scholarship

I am glad I chose Admit Expert to help me with my MBA application process. Their extensive experience and knowledge of the admissions process really helped me to identify the gaps in my profile and tailor my applications to the requirements of each school.

Their lead consultant was exceptionally effective in helping me to refine my applications and bring out the strengths in my profile. I was blown away by their editing skills and attention to detail – they really went above and beyond to ensure that my applications were the best they could be.

Despite facing discouragement from people around me because of my just 2 years of work experience, Admit Expert’s team really pushed me to apply this year, and I am so glad that I did. Thanks to their expert guidance, I was able to secure a full scholarship admission at NYU Stern and reach the interview stages of all the schools I applied to with them. Although I was waitlisted at Haas, I know that their support and guidance made a huge difference in helping me get as far as I did. Their continued guidance throughout the waitlist process is praiseworthy.

Overall, I would highly recommend Admit Expert’s MBA consulting services to anyone looking to pursue an MBA. They were always ready and willing to help, and gave me a comprehensive picture of all the schools to help me decide which ones I should aim for. Thank you, Admit Expert, for all of your hard work and support throughout this process!

Rushang Gupta

NYU Stern, 100% Scholarship

Santosh Hassale
Santosh Hasalle got into UVA Darden, Cornell Johnson, and Yale SOM

Aseem takes a keen interest from Day 1 in matching the student with the right Consultant based on personal factors like target schools, GMAT score etc.
I had worked with a Tuck alum, who immensely helped me in drafting a solid application. The consultant quoted examples of past students and her own story, helping me understand how to put my best foot forward. We focused on portraying the honest version of myself, elaborating on my strengths and mentioning how I am working on my weaknesses. The timely sync ups and follow-ups prompted me to pursue my application even more energetically.
AdmitExpert also provides an option to opt for a final edit by another Consultant – which actually gives a third-party perspective and helps cover loopholes or unexplained parts of the application (if any).
All-in-all, it was a seamless experience and AdmitExpert helped me get admits to my top preferences (Darden, Yale SOM and Cornell)

Santosh Hassale

Yale SOM, UVA Darden (50% Scholarship), Cornell Johnson ($30,000)

Yash Gada
Yash Gada got into UVA Darden

Admit Expert, the MBA admissions consulting company, possesses several remarkable strengths that greatly contributed to my successful admission into the Darden School of Business. Their consultants’ expertise and experience in MBA admissions, coupled with a personalized approach, were invaluable. They took the time to understand my profile and goals, providing highly tailored advice and guidance. The essay editing and review services were exceptional, helping me craft compelling narratives that strengthened my application. Their interview preparation support boosted my confidence and readiness for admissions interviews. Admit Expert’s timely and responsive communication throughout the process reduced stress and kept me organized. Their result-oriented approach, evidenced by a strong track record, instilled confidence. Overall, their strengths lie in their expertise, personalized approach, essay editing, interview preparation, communication, and proven track record. I highly recommend Admit Expert to anyone seeking guidance and support in achieving their MBA admissions goals.

Yash Gada

UVA Darden

Disha Chhabra
Disha got into Emory MBA

Hi, my name is Disha Chhabra. I come from a consulting background and I have a work experience of almost four years. I enrolled with Admit Expert in September, and immediately after a couple of days, they proactively started working on my application and started to guide me throughout to build a story, how to write answers for schools, how minutely you need to take care of the details. I must have missed out of certain details, but my lead consultant and Admit Expert consultants would be very strict about how to answer the essays in a straightforward way while explaining everything. My journey with Admit Expert has been great. They were available around the clock. Never did I have to wait for the entire day for them to get back to me whenever I had questions. I took my GMAT in July 2022 and did not score well, and my GMAT score was pretty low with which I couldn’t have targeted the schools I wanted to go to. My consultant suggested the way out to apply for the GMAT waiver, considering the profile I had and the things that I have in hand which would make it possible for me to get through.
I got GMAT waivers from almost all the schools that I applied it to. And in fact, I got the admission also from a top college, Emory, with a scholarship of $72,000. I am honestly very grateful for the help that Admit Expert has provided, and I’ll forever be grateful for them for all the help that they had given. I strongly recommend Admit Expert to anybody who’s targeting the top colleges of the world and need guidance in their application process. Their dedication and their nurturing nature has helped me get through and achieve the goals that I envisioned for myself. So definitely try it out and they would never disappoint you.

Dish Chhabra

Emory Goizueta (Scholarship of $72,000), UC Irvine (Scholarship of $90,000)

Mayank Panchal
Mayank got into 4 business schools with the help of Admit Expert

I took the 5-school platinum plan from Admit Expert and I had an amazing experience working with the team for my MBA applications. I secured admission offer from Mendoza and waitlist offers from Tepper and McCombs.
From the initial brainstorming template itself, I could see that the team is very experienced in this area and knows what they are doing. During the school shortlisting process, my lead counsellor evaluated my profile thoroughly and motivated me to select schools of higher ranking than I initially planned as I stand a chance. I was connected with a school counsellor/alumni for each of the schools I decided to apply at, and their inputs were nicely curated to match my professional journey and goals with the specific requirements of these schools. There were multiple iterations in essay writing, resume, and other components like short and long term goals. Then, the school counsellors were again consulted to proof read my applications and gave final suggestions on how to further improve my application components. Finally, the quality check team again reviewed my essays and caught even the smallest gaps in my story and the slightest grammar mistakes to curate my essays in the best possible shape. The mock interviews were also equally helpful. Whenever I got any interview invite, I was quickly connected with alumnus from those schools and they shared their insights into what I can improve in my interviews to portray my story better and in alignment with the preferences of that particular school.
A big shout out to the management team as they did a marvellous job to keep the process smooth and addressed any concerns I had along the journey in a timely and professional manner. I enthusiastically recommend Admit Expert as a dependable organization to help candidates in their journey towards pursuing MBA.

Mayank Panchal

Notre Dame (Mendoza), Emory Goizueta ($50,000 scholarship),
CMU Tepper ($90,000 scholarship), McCombs

Akanksha Sinha
Akanksha Sinha got into Foster MBA

Admit Expert was a game-changer for me during the MBA application process. My consultant took the time to get to know me on a personal level and really understand my career aspirations. Although I had spoken to multiple consultants, Sivaranjani was the first person who motivated me to step into the application journey even though I did not have a GMAT score. She worked tirelessly with me to ensure that every aspect of my application was polished and professional. Thanks to her help, I was granted a GMAT waiver at each school I applied to. As an applicant who was granted a GMAT waiver by all schools that I applied to, I knew that my chances of being accepted to top-tier schools were lower than most. However, with Admit Expert’s expert guidance, I was able to craft an application that exceeded my expectations.

One of the most impressive aspects of Admit Expert’s services is their attention to detail. My consultant worked with me to fine-tune every aspect of my application, from my essays to my resume and beyond. In addition, she was always available to answer any questions I had and provide support and encouragement throughout the process, even during odd hours and weekends.

I was waitlisted at two of the top MBA programs, which was an incredible achievement in itself given the competitiveness of the programs. My consultant continued to provide guidance and support during the waiting period, and I am hopeful of receiving favorable results from both schools.

Overall, I enthusiastically recommend Admit Expert. With their expertise and guidance, one can achieve your dream of attending a top-tier business school, even with a GMAT waiver.

Akanksha Sinha

Foster (University of Washington)

Roshima Mukund
Roshima got into HEC Paris

Choosing Admit Expert to help me with the MBA application process was probably the smartest decision I made in the last one year. When I started applying to the various MBA programs, I was as clueless as possible. I wasn’t even sure of the career path after MBA, that would fit my profile. The lead admission consultant at Admit Expert worked closely and patiently with me to build my resume, identify the best post-MBA career path and choose the top schools that fit my profile.

Even though I had a work experience of 9 years in the midstream oil and gas industry in my favour, I only had a mediocre GMAT score of 680. This made me doubt my prospects of getting into a good business school every now and then. But my lead consultant believed in my potential even when I didn’t. His constant guidance and reassurances kept my spirits high during the overwhelming and daunting application process. The mock interview conducted by Admit Expert and their feedback also improved my confidence before the actual interview. I finally secured an admit to HEC Paris, which was one of my target schools. I am pretty sure this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Admit Expert.

I am sure I got the best ROI with Admit Expert and would recommend them to anyone who is planning to seek the help of an admission consultant for MBA.

Roshima Mukund

HEC Paris

Santosh Hassale

I have a work experience of close to four and a half years in the field of information technology. I’ve worked for Infosys and Accenture in these four and a half years. After working for close to four and a half years, I decided that I wanted to pursue an MBA and I wanted to do an international MBA. So I wanted a real strong application, which is the backbone of every MBA admission process. Because this was a very important decision in my life, I wanted to seek professional help regarding this. I reached out to Admit Expert for the same. Admit Expert helped me with the process of choosing the schools that would be suited to my ambitions and my needs. My consultant, an IE alumnus, worked very closely with me on my application process through the entirety of this process. There was a brainstorming session at the very beginning of this process where all the stories and narratives were built on the basis of everything that I had achieved, or I had gone through in my professional and personal life. All the negative points were weeded out, the positive points were really worked upon. Once the school selection process was done, we went through the entire process of writing the essays and filling out the application forms. After having written the essays based on the brainstorming session, which made it really easy for me, I applied for Esade and Rotterdam School of Management first. My application was selected from both these schools, and I received an interview invite from both of them.
I was able to convert Rotterdam School of Management. And even in the interview process, I had a call with Admit Expert consultant, who briefed me about the whole interview process and how I should approach it, which was really helpful. And at the end, I was able to convert Rotterdam School of Management, and I’m looking forward to joining the school. Through the whole process, I felt that Admit Expert was really instrumental and helpful in this. There were a lot of points that I could not have personally come up with or the narratives that I could not have personally built. Even though I knew that these narratives existed, I could not have really bring them to the forefront. But having discussions with my consultant and the editing team at Admit Expert really helped me out with the whole process, and finally, I was able to land a college that I really wanted to get into. Therefore, I would really recommend all of you to give this a shot, and I hope you guys make it. If you do seek their help, I am sure you will.

Ninad Vats

Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University)

Ansari TK
Ansari TK got into IE Business School

I had a very good experience with AdmitExpert. They helped me with School selection, Resume Review, Essays, and Letters of recommendation. My lead consultant helped me to identify the right content for the essays. He could even tailor the same story for different scenarios. After initial drafts, the editing team does wonders with essay editing to make the story intact and attractive. In fact, my lead consultant and lead editor acted as major catalysts for my admit. So I can confidently say that, AdmitExpert is the go-to choice for any MBA aspirants aiming for Top B School.

Ansari TK

IE Business School, Spain

  • Rushang Gupta, who secured admission to NYU Stern with a 100% scholarship for the 2023 intake.
  • Shashank, who received an admission offer from Kellogg School of Management for the 2023 intake.
  • Santosh Hassale, who secured admits from Yale SOM, UVA Darden with a 50% scholarship, and Cornell Johnson with a $30,000 scholarship for the 2023 intake.
  • Yash Gada, who obtained an admission offer from UVA Darden for deferred admission in the 2025 intake.
  • Roshima Mukund, who gained admission to HEC Paris for the 2023 intake.
  • Ansari TK, who received admits from IE Business School, Spain for the 2023 intake.
  • Akanksha Sinha, who secured an admission offer from Foster (University of Washington) for the 2023 intake.
  • Disha Chhabra, who received admits from Emory Goizueta with a scholarship of $72,000 and UC Irvine with a scholarship of $90,000 for the 2023 intake.
  • Mayank Panchal, who secured admits from Notre Dame (Mendoza), Emory Goizueta with a $50,000 scholarship, CMU Tepper with a $90,000 scholarship, and McCombs for the 2023 intake.
  • Nihar Reddy, who gained admission to Broad (Michigan State University), W.P Carey (Arizona State University), and Owen (Vanderbilt) for the 2023 intake.
  • Ninad Vats, who secured admission to Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) for the 2023 intake.
  • Vedansh Gulati, who received admits from Emory-Goizueta with a 50% scholarship, Ohio-Fisher, and Rutgers for the 2023 intake.
  • Sanket Chakraborty, who gained admission to ISB for the 2023 intake.
  • Bhanu Sadiq, who received admits from Penn State (Smeal) and Maryland (Smith) for the 2023 intake.
  • Saumya Singh, who secured admission to ISB for the 2023 intake.
  • Rishabh Shukla, who gained admission to Questrom (Boston University), Texas A&M Mays, and Notre Dame Mendoza for the 2023 intake.
  • Ajay Shokeen, who received an admission offer from ISB with an INR 7.25 Lakh scholarship for the 2023 intake.
  • Nervic Behl, who secured admits from Mannhiem and HHL Leipzig for the 2023 intake.

These are just a few examples of the numerous candidates who have successfully gained admission to top business schools with Admit Expert’s guidance. The impressive scholarship amounts obtained by these candidates highlight the effectiveness and expertise of Admit Expert in maximizing opportunities for financial assistance. Through their personalized approach and deep knowledge of the admissions process, Admit Expert has consistently helped candidates achieve their MBA aspirations and secure coveted spots in renowned business schools.

Final Thoughts

Admit Expert stands out as the best MBA admissions consultant for prospective business school applicants seeking admission to top institutions in the US and Europe. Admit Expert excels in four key factors that define a reliable MBA admissions consultant: expertise, a well-defined process, school specific mentors, and testimonials from successful candidates.

Firstly, Admit Expert’s team comprises top business school alumni with extensive admissions consulting experience. These experts bring valuable insights and firsthand knowledge to guide applicants through the complex admissions process.

Secondly, Admit Expert’s three-layer system sets them apart. The lead consultants, who are highly experienced and successful themselves, provide personalized guidance and mentorship throughout the application journey. The school-specific mentors possess in-depth knowledge of target business schools, ensuring tailored applications that align with each school’s unique culture and requirements. The project and quality assurance managers oversee the entire process, maintaining high-quality standards and ensuring applications are submitted on time.

Lastly, Admit Expert’s numerous success stories reinforce its position as the best MBA admissions consultant. The testimonials from successful candidates, which can be verified on reputable review websites like gmatclub, demonstrate the effectiveness of our guidance. These success stories include a wide range of candidates who have secured admissions to prestigious business schools with significant scholarship amounts, totaling over $600,000.

With Admit Expert, MBA applicants can confidently navigate the competitive admissions landscape. Our expertise, personalized approach, and dedication to success have helped countless candidates fulfill their MBA aspirations and gain admission to top business schools. Admit Expert’s commitment to excellence, demonstrated through our unique three-layer system and impressive track record, make us the go-to choice for MBA admissions consulting services. When it comes to achieving your MBA goals, Admit Expert is the partner you can trust for unparalleled support and guidance throughout the entire application process.

get into top business school with admit expert mba admissions consulting

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